I decided to go with a company Online, offering Local DIRECTV Installations

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I am very pleased with my DIRECT TV Deal and wanted to pass this on to you. I was a little hesitant to really move into anything other than local cable, but I spent some time online looking into satelliteTV and then I happened to discover DIRECTV.

One of my biggest concerns was if I could understand the DIRECT TV receiver, manual and most importantly the DIRECTV remote control! As I am a little older, I guess things like Satellite TV intimidate me somewhat. I decided to go with a company Online offering Local DIRECTV installations.

For me, with a growing enjoyment of staying in and watching great television, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the monthly fee of DIRECTV fit nicely into my budget. I am not sure what other places charge, but the online DIRECTV retail shop set me up for less than forty dollars a month.

The DIRECT TV DVR receiver, once installed, improved the quality of the television picture right from the start. I was really impressed with this, since, to be honest, I didn't know what to expect from the DIRECTV system. The guide on the screen was very easy to read and understand, and for me this was really a blessing. One of the real benefits I found was the ability to have a favorites list programmed right into the DIRECTV receiver. As I usually only watch a handful of shows during the week, I really liked this feature. Though I must admit, now that I have over 200 channels on my Satellite TV System, I am watching a wider variety of shows than ever before!

Luckily for me the installation man took the time to carefully explain how to use my DIRECTV receiver and remote control. I had a look at the manual and it seemed like I could probably work things out if I had to reset it or anything. The remote for my DIRECTV system is a real gem - I love it! There are larger buttons than my last remote, which is really good for me, and all the button features are clearly marked and color-coded. One thing I found amusing is the telephone caller ID which is built into the DIRECTV remote control. I am not sure if that is overly useful to most, but I sure like it! The DIRECTV remote gives me great flexibility to scroll through the channels; this saves me the hassle of looking for my TV guide. And even better, the remote for my DIRECTV receiver is ergonomically designed to fit in my hand. Thank you DIRECT TV!