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Monday, January 26, 2015

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DVD Releases for June 26, 2007


It's a relatively soft week for cream-of-the-crop releases, but what this week's selection it lacks in top quality it sadly more than makes up for with mediocre offerings. None of the first-run releases were of much interest, limited releases only produced a few DVDs worth a second look, and even big name TV on DVD was mostly lacking in the must-have department. It took an obscure release from the U.K., The New Statesmen to win that coveted honor.

Babel Broke the Bank


It was a busy week on the per theater charts with five films topping $10,000 and another coming awfully close. Leading the way was Oscar bait, Babel with nearly $400,000 in 7 theaters for an average of $55,622, which was four times the next highest earner. That film, The Queen, earned nearly $2 million in 152 for an average of $12,560 during its fifth week of release. Shut Up and Sing was in a virtual tie for second place with an average of $12,526 in its four theaters, while The Nightmare Before Christmas 3D wasn't that far behind with $11,409. The final film to top $10,000 was the overall box office leader, Saw III, which managed an average of $10,613 in its 3,167 theaters.

Documenting the Limited Releases


This week, among the dozen limited releases making their theatrical debuts, are four documentaries and a mockumentary. However, it is a drama, Babel, that has the best shot at break out success.