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Monday, January 26, 2015

News Stories About The Dreamers

DVD Releases for July 13, 2004


Every week films get a second chance at success from the home market; or, in some cases, a first chance at success. Here is a list of wide releases, limited releases and a few from the growing TV on DVD section. This week's pick of the week was a real buried treasure, so well buried that I couldn't find it. Currently, there isn't a single release in the top ten on Amazon's Sales Chart. And the top performer from this week's releases is a case of controversy over quality.

Young Gypsies


There was a slight delay in this article due to intermittent internet access difficulties. Fortunately there were just the two limited releases this week, so it shouldn't take long to research now that my connection has been restored.

It's a Sign of the Apocalypse, I Hope


The reality-TV game show-esque film Games People Play came in first on the Per Theatre Average charts. It earned, well maybe not earned but made $12,346 in its lone theatre over the weekend.

Another Sign of Weakness


No movie managed to beak the $10,000 per theatre average this weekend. Overall the best showing was The Battle of Algiers with $9,143. The best new limited release, Lost Boys of Sudan, finished in second place with $7,485. In the mean time, the best wide release was way down the list in 16th place. That film, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen could only manage an average of $3,736.

They Couldn't have Dreamt of a Better Opening


It's obvious The Dreamers wasn't hampered by its NC-17 rating. Not only is its per theatre average of $28,526 the best of the week, it was the best this year beating Big Fish by more than $8,000.

Big Week for Small Releases


It's a crowded week for limited releases with half a dozen limited releases. And those are just the ones that Exhibitor Relations is tracking. Others will have slipped between the cracks.

An Amazing Couple - Reviews
The second of the daring, cross genre trilogy by Lucas Belvaux, the first being On the Run. The reviews for this one are not up to the first's, but since it is a Romantic Comedy, that is to be expected. Next week when the final film comes out we'll see if this was a genuine success or an experiment gone awry.

The Dreamers - Reviews
This film is being released with an NC-17 rating, the first time a MPAA studio has done that in six years. That could severely limit its audience, but giving the reaction to a certain recent 'wardrobe malfunction' too much of the film would have to be cut before it would be accessible to the mainstream movie going public.

Hiding and Seeking - Reviews
This is a powerful film about the dangers of religious intolerance. It is a documentary about the religious intolerance shown by and against members of the Orthodox Jewish Community and how it affected the family of the filmmaker.

The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra - Reviews
This film is a parody of really cheesy 50s sci-fi movies. And if it's as cheesy and fun as the official site then it should be worth checking out. Hopefully in the coming weeks it will expand into more theatres in more cities. But chances are I'll be hunting this one down on DVD. Wubba, wubba, woo!

Osama - Reviews
The first Afghani film since the fall of the Taliban. It is one of the nominations for best Foreign Language film at this year's Oscars and won the same award at the Golden Globes. So it comes as no surprise that it is the best reviewed film of the week. Hopefully these awards will carry this film

The Return - Reviews
This film lost out to Osama for Best Foreign Language Film at this year's Golden Globes, and didn't manage to earn a nomination for the Oscars. And with such direct competition this week, it might get lost. And that would be a shame as its reviews are just a shade lower than Osama's.

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Movie Websites Launches for January 30 - February 5


During the past week promotional websites for several movies were launched and some older ones added additional content. Here the list of this week's releases, a couple of new sites and few updates including the winner for the week. Miracle - Official Site. If you know of any new movie websites not on this list feel free to e-mail me with the details.

Movie Websites Launches for January 2 - January 8


During the past week promotional websites for several movies were launched and some older ones added additional content. This week we have a larger list to make up for the holidays, but a winter storm took out my internet access on Tuesday / Wednesday so the column is a little late today. Here the list of new releases, updated sites, and some upcoming releases that slipped through the cracks, including the winner for the week Along Came Polly - Official Site . If you know of any new movie websites not on this list feel free to e-mail me with the details.

New Movie Release Dates


This week's round of release planning includes new dates for Against the Ropes, Catch That Kid, The Dreamers, J.M. Barrie's Neverland, Dawn of the Dead and Exorcist: The Beginning.

Movie Websites Launches for October 2 - October 9


k promotional websites for several movies were launched and some older ones added additional content. Here’s a list of highlights, plus one last look at websites for films opening this week. If you know of any new movie websites not on this list feel free to e-mail me with the details.

This will be an abridged version due previously mentioned scheduling conflict. But you can't really tell.

The Alamo
Current Content: The full trailer is up, along with the old teaser trailer.

Barbershop 2
Current Content: A placeholder site so far with just the teaser trailer.

Big Fish
Current Content: Typical Sony placeholder site with just the synopsis and trailer.

Broken Lizard's Club Dread
Current Content: Typical Fox Searchlight placeholder site with just the synopsis so far.

Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind
Current Content: The site is based on the company Lacuna from the movie. Right now its just a commercial for that company, but it says to check back tomorrow for further updates.

The Dreamers
Current Content: Typical Fox Searchlight placeholder site with just the synopsis so far.

Current Content: Simple site without sound or animation. There's some interesting content, including some on the role of Dopamine in the brain. But overall there's not enough to keep a surfer's attention for too long.

Current Content: Another game was added, Stocking Stuffer. But that background music is getting to me something awful. And to think, I've got to listen to every week to check for updates.

Girls Will Be Girls
Current Content: The format is the same as most IFC sites, but there is more content than most of their sites. Trailer, synopsis and cast and crew bios are all there, so are a few clips, image gallery and even sites for the three girls from the film.

Good Boy
Current Content: Another game was added to the site, this one a variation on concentration. Overall, this is a good site especially for its target audience.

House of the Dead
Current Content: The original site was removed due its graphic nature. The new site is toned down, but relatively unchanged.

Intolerable Cruelty
Current Content: Two TV spots and four clips were added just in time for the movie's release.

Kill Bill
Current Content: No changes from last week, and with Volume 1 opening tomorrow I doubt the remaining three character intros will be added till Volume 2 is nearing its release date.

Looney Tunes: Back in Action
Current Content: The second blog was added to the site, which adds a bit more background information.

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
Current Content: Did they really need the whole name in the URL? I don't think so. A large portion of the site is called The Journey, which alternates between entries in the Captain's Log and information about life on a ship from the sails to meals. There are also regulars features, but so far much of this is marked coming soon. Synopsis, Cast and Crew Bios, Production Notes and Featurettes are all marked coming soon. That does leave the trailer, images, interviews with three consultants (in .pdf format) and something called The Broadband Experience. The last feature is for Internet Explorer users only, so I can't review it. There are also several international sites, but they are all marked coming soon. The only complaint is the URL, but to deny it an award based on that would be petty, so it wins this week's nugatory Weekly Website Award.

The Matrix Revolutions
Current Content: As expected, there were more updates this week. This time it was information on The Matrix Reloaded's DVD release and a couple more posters, one just for international sites.

Mystic River
Current Content: There were no new additions since the last update. It is still an understated yet compelling website.

Shark Tale
Current Content: New name, new URL, same intro.

The Singing Detective
Current Content: The flash site launched and while it takes a little advantage of the animation flash allows, there is no sound outside the trailer and a clip from E.T. The site does have synopsis and cast and crew bios, but I was looking forward to for some behind the scenes info.

Spider-Man 2
Current Content: Quite a big update this week. A new webisode was added with director Sam Raimi and costume designer James Acheson that is about the changes to Spider-man's costume. The character section was added with brief bios and connections between the characters. In addition, the Ultimate Quiz will quickly show how much time you spent reading Spider-man comics as a kid (for me it was obviously too much.) There were also some more behind the scenes images and another wallpaper added.

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