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Friday, December 19, 2014

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DVD Releases for February 3, 2009 - Part I


Wow. That was... Due to technical difficulties, late deliveries, and some misfiled DVDs, this week's list is a little later than normal (but it's still Tuesday, so it's not technically late). It is also a lot larger than normal with a record number of Spotlight reviews (23 in all, or 30 if you count individual movies). There are also some very high quality releases including Zack and Miri Make a Porno on either DVD or Blu-ray. However, given the subject matter of that film, I wouldn't recommend it to everyone. The best release of the week is, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist on DVD or Blu-ray, but especially the Blu-ray, which is worth the upgrade. That film is the DVD Pick of the Week. With a record number of spotlight reviews, it goes without saying that the list had to be split up this week, with the second part found here, while the third part can be found here. (First time I had to separate the list into three parts.)

Meeting Expectations


As expected, Meet the Fockers was the top draw at the home market, earning the trifecta in the process. The film took in $10.46 million in DVD rentals as well as $1.86 million in VHS rentals. The movie also sold 3 million combined in DVD and VHS units on its opening day alone, one of the better sellers of the year.

Twelve is the New One


Ocean Twelve easily took top spot on both the DVD, VHS rental charts as well as the DVD sales charts. On the rental side the sequel brought in $10.10 million in DVD rentals and $1.25 million in VHS rentals, nearly double its nearest competitor. On the sales side exact numbers are unknown, but it was so popular that the original rode the wave into the top ten.

Newcomers Earn Trifecta on Top of Home Market Charts


Three new DVDs topped the DVD Rental Charts, the VHS Rental Charts and the DVD Sales Charts, in the same order. Leading the way was the wonderful movie, Sideways with $6.70 million in DVD rentals and $1.03 million in VHS rentals. The film also lead the week in DVD sales with 1.5 million units sold on just its first day of release.

DVD Releases for April 5, 2005 - Updated - Again


Every week films get a second chance at success from the home market; or, in some cases, a first chance at success. Here is a list of wide releases, limited releases and a few from the growing TV on DVD section including this week's winner, Sideways - Buy from Amazon

Ballad of the Per Theater Charts


The Ballad of Jack and Rose topped the per theater charts by earning just shy of $60,000 in its 5 theaters, for an average of $14,865. And while it was the only film to hit $10,000, Mondovino came close with $9,840 over the weekend and $13,060 since it opened on Thursday, all in one theater.

Baby Still Earning Millions


Million Dollar Baby has again slipped off the radar screen, but we do know it hit $52 million internationally, which means it made $9 million during the week. The film didn't earn $1 million in any single market, but is still doing strong in South Korea, ($970,000), Spain, ($840,000), Italy, ($600,000) and Australia, ($350,000.) Best estimate has the film earning just shy of $5 million of that over the weekend and taking sixth place on the international box office charts.

Swimming with Sharks


Shark Tale finished its international run with a second place $2.08 million opening in Japan on 485 screens. Its $4,296 per screen average it quite low for the market and generally means the film won't have the usual legs films in Japan have. The film performed much better in Italy where it finished first again with $3.0 million, down just 23% during its sophomore stint. Overall it took in $5.2 million to raise its international total to $181 million, but without any more openings it might struggle to hit $200 million.

Close Race on Per Theater Charts, But Both Films Fall Short


No film was able to reach the $10,000 club on the per theater charts this week, but at least two films were close. Leading the way was the overall box office leader, The Pacifier, which opened with an average of $9,758. In second place with $9,020 was last week's winner, Downfall.

The Aviator Soars Higher than Before


The Aviator beat weekend estimates by a substantial margin leading to a $5.9 million box office on 3000 screens in 34 markets. The multi-Oscar winning movie has hit $86.2 million internationally and will cross $200 million worldwide before too long. The film dropped a spot to fifth place in South Korea with $834,660 for the week and slipped to second in Australia with $798,000. The only market the film opened it was Argentina, where it easily took top spot with $232,000.

Down Stays Up on Per Theater Charts


Last week's winner remained the per theater chart champion, as Downfall earned and average of $15,704. That's down just 13.7%, despite it being a post holiday weekend and seeing its theater count quadruple; this bodes very well for the film's long-term success. The only other film to crack the top 10 was overall box office champ, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, which averaged $14,771 in its 1,483 theaters.

Aviator Has Icarus-Like Flight


The Aviator started out Oscar evening extremely well, but it was Million Dollar Baby that won the biggest prizes at the 77th annual Academy Awards.

Twelve Tops the Best of the Rest


Ocean's Twelve may have dropped out of the top five, but it is still going strong with $4.5 million on 1400 screens in 35 markets for an international box office of $225.8 million so far. No new openings means the heist film had to rely on holdovers likes its $2.5 million during its third weekend in the U.K. and $1.4 million during its fifth week of release in Japan, finishing second in both those markets.

Sideways Full of Spirit


Sideways swept the 20th annual Independent Spirit Awards winning all six categories it was nominated for.

Per Theater Charts Fall Down


Only two films were able to crack the $10,000 club this week, at least if you only count the three day weekend. The charts were led by the German Oscar contender, Downfall, which opened in only one theater and earned $18,195 over the 3-day weekend, and $24,220 if you add in the holiday Monday. In second place was Bride and Prejudice with a per theater average of $10,047 / $12,015.

Sideways Eternally Grateful to the WGA


The Annual Writers Guild Awards held their 57th annual awards on Saturday. Among the more than a dozen awards handed out were three for theatrical releases, including the inaugural award for best documentary, (which had been handed out earlier.)

French Film Finishes Fifth


Iznogoud: Calife a la place du calife, a movie based on a Asterix and Obelix spin off of sorts, dominated the French box office taking in $7.1 million, more than double the second place film and more than a third of the top ten total. It is also enough to push it into the Top Five on the international scene, dropping Finding Neverland into sixth place. Unfortunately, like the several films made in the Asterix and Obelix series, this one is unlikely to make much of an impact outside the French speaking markets.

Re-Release Leads Close Race


The re-release of Masculine Feminine took top spot on the per theater charts, with an average of $13,428 in two theaters. This is the second time in three weeks that a re-release has managed that feat. There was an extremely close battle for second place between the overall box office champ, Hitch and Bride and Prejudice, which earned averages of $12,068 and $12,058 respectively. Had the latter film sold just 50 more tickets it would have finished in second place.

Fockers are Fabulous


A higher than expected opening in Spain and a lower than expected decline in the U.K. allowed Meet the Fockers to retain top spot on the international charts. The film opened first in a handful of markets, including a $4.7 million opening in Spain on 356 screens, $377,000 in Denmark, $352,000 in Taiwan and $275,000 in Israel. Its most prolific market continues to be the U.K. where the film brought in $8.5 million during its second weekend there; that's a 42% drop-off, which is a little high for the market, but not as high as expected given its huge start last weekend. That one market represented more than half of its weekend total of $16.3 million on 1700 screens in 28 markets for a running tally of $82.9 million.

Nobody Leads Per Theater Charts


This week we again have only one film in the $10,000 club, as Nobody Knows easily topped the per theater charts with a $16,197 average in just two theaters. That was nearly double the second place film, and last week's winner, Raging Bull.

Does the Screen Actors Guild Predict Oscar Glory?


More than a dozen awards were handed tonight in Los Angeles at the Shrine Exposition Center, and with only five theatrical awards there were more than a few surprises.

Screen Actors Guild Gets Its Chance to Shine Tonight


The 11th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards are handed out tonight and while there are numerous awards only five are for theatrical releases.

Fockers Flatten Competition


Meet the Fockers open in the U.K. over the weekend with an astounding $14.8 million on 456, which is more than four times the original's earnings there in 2000. That figure was also more than 8 times the second place film , and more than half the market's total box office. Add in a handful of openings in other, mostly smaller markets and the film brought in $19.2 million on 1,700 screens in 15 markets for a $58.8 million total so far.

Films Earn Early Oscars Gold


Oscar Nominations gave a box office boost to many films this past weekend while other films are too far into their runs for it to make a difference, (The Motorcycle Diaries) or out of theatres completely, (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.) But of the 35 films that received Oscar Nominations, 17 saw increases in either their overall box office, per theatre average or both.

Amazing Boxing Comeback


The re-release of the classic boxing movie Raging Bull topped the Per Theater Charts this past weekend with $13,568 in one theater. The only other film in the $10,000 club was Born into Brothels, which had its best performance since its debut, with over $30,000 in 3 theaters for an average of $10,554.

Eastwood Wins DGA Award - Becomes Oscars Favorite


On Saturday, the Directors Guild of America celebrated their 57th annual awards. And while there were many winners, only two awards were for theatrical releases.

January Ends on a Scary Note


Two new Horror movies open this weekend. However, the scariest part about the films could be their Rotten Tomatoes scores, as they are currently earning just 13 and 65. On the plus side, several Oscar Nominated films are earning serious expansions and should figure in the top five.

Ocean Steals International Box Office Crown Back


The International Box Office Race is certainly interesting, as Ocean's Twelve recaptured the lead this weekend with $14.4 million on 4,600 screens in 58 markets and now sits at $170.4 million internationally and $292.8 million worldwide. A large chunk of that total came from Japan, where the film earned $6.8 million (including sneak peaks) on 510 screens, while ending Howl's Moving Castle's nine week reign on top. While this was a strong performance, it was 20% lower that the original's debut in the same market.

PGA Kicks off the Guild Awards


Over the weekend The Producers Guild of America handed out their 15th Annual awards with The Aviator taking top prize for Darryl F. Zanuck as Producer of the Year Award - Theatrical Motion Pictures. This is the first of four Guild Awards that will be handed out over the next few weeks leading up to the Oscars on February 27th.

All That's Golden Does Not Glitter


Of the eight films that won Golden Globes last weekend, only a handful saw their box office take increase this weekend. This can be partially explained by the snowstorm, and partially by how late in the film's run it was by the time the awards were announced. However, it may also be an indication of the declining influence the awards ceremony has.

It's Lonely at the Top


Just a lone film in the $10,000 club this week as Million Dollar Baby continued its amazing run, earning $1.65 million in 147 theaters for a $11,239 average.

Oscar Nominations Sidestep Box Office Giants


The Oscar Nominations were announced this morning and at first glance it appears that most of the nominations went to films with smaller budgets and box office results. Box office hits were nearly shut out of the major nominations.

New Releases Tackle Golden Globe Winners Head On


It's another light week for limited releases. However, several that won Golden Globes this past Sunday will see their theater counts increase.

Alexander Reigns over International Audiences


After a massive opening last week in Spain, Alexander took top spot on the international charts thanks to a strong opening in Italy, Brazil and Hong Kong. The film managed first place in all three markets with $3.87 million on 446 screens in Italy, $906,900 on 193 screens in Brazil and $275,244 on 30 screens in Hong Kong. Holdovers were not as kind to the Sword and Sandal epic as it dropped nearly 50% in the U.K., Spain and France. Overall the film brought in $14.5 million on 3600 screens in 51 markets for a running tally of $88 million. And while the film will easily cross $100 million internationally, which is roughly 3 times its domestic figure, it has to be looked at as a disappointment financially.

Aviator Soars Above the Rest


The Golden Globe were handed out tonight with no one film really dominating the night. The Aviator led the night with three awards with a few others films taking home two apiece.

Good Great on Per Theatre Redux


Four of last week's five films in the $10,000 club managed to repeat that feat this week with In Good Company continuing its reign on the charts. The film, which opens wide this week, dropped a mere 5% at the box office earning an average of $48,050 in three theatres. Well back at $17,619 was Million Dollar Baby, which did an amazing job holding onto its per theatre average despite increasing its theatre count from just 9 to 109. On the other hand, The Merchant of Venice dropped almost 30% to $12,237 even though its theatre count was unchanged. Another film holding up well despite massive gains in its theatre count was Hotel Rwanda with $11,155 on average in 105 theatres. Rounding out the $10,000 club was the only new wide release this weekend, White Noise with $10,665.

Company Done Good


As you can probably guess from the grammatically incorrect headline, In Good Company took top spot on the Per Theatre Charts with an amazing $50,583 average in three theatres over the weekend and a total of $225,000 since the film opened on Wednesday. Coming in second is the oldest film in the $10,000 club, Million Dollar Baby, which saw its per theatre average jump to $30,164 in nine theatres and has already topped $1 million during its limited run. Hotel Rwanda also saw its per theatre average climb and earned $20,340 in 7 theatres and needs to expand quickly to take advantage of its strong start. Oscar hopeful, The Merchant of Venice, started well with nearly $70,000 over the weekend and over $100,000 since its Wednesday opening, which works out to a $17,467 average in 4 theatres. Rounding out the $10,000 club was the overall box office leader, Meet the Fockers with an average of $11,845.

Gold Stocks Rise


It is a week after the Golden Globe nominees were announced and a perfect time to look at the effect, if any, that the acclaim has brought previously released films.

Zissou's Run Goes Swimmingly


During its second weekend of release, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou saw its per theatre average drop just 12.6% to land at $49,394, easily the best result this weekend. Next on the list are two new award season hopefuls, Million Dollar Baby with $22,494 in 8 theatres and The Aviator with $21,451 in 40 theatres. The second returning member of the $10,000 club rounds out the list as Bad Education earned an average of $12,816 to spend its fifth week on the list.

Golden Weekend for Limited Releases


The limited releases this weekend have combined for more than a dozen Golden Globe nominations and could come close to matching that when Oscars nominations are announced late in January.

Sideways is Golden


Golden Globe Nominations were announced on Monday and as with the IFP Independent Spirit Awards, Sideways lead the pack with 7 nominations. This does not mean it is the favorite in any particular category, but it does help its chances of taking home some hardware on January 16th.

Post Secondary Education


Bad Education has stretched its amazing streak atop the Per Theatre Charts to thee weeks. With an expansion this weekend, it will probably be the last time the film top the charts, which is good because I'm running out of ideas for headlines using the education theme. This week it was a much closer contest with Bad Education beating out House of Flying Daggers $29,619 to $26,498, with the later film playing in more theatres, 15 to 3. Meanwhile, A Very Long Engagement dropped a spot to third with $18,146 average in four theatres. Rounding out the $10,000 club was Closer, which took in $7.7 million in 476 theatres for an average of $16,193.

It Has Begun!


That's right, it's officially award season as the IFP Independent Spirit Awards announced their nominees. This year the leader of the pack was Sideways, which was nominated 6 times. Topping the list of studios was Fox Searchlight with 14 nominations.

Nothing Bad About this Result


Bad Education took top spot on a per theatre chart loaded down with Oscar hopefuls. The latest offering from acclaimed director, Pedro Almodovar, earned nearly $150,000 in just three theatres for an average of $49,123. Coming in second place with $18,090 in its lone theatre was Days of Being Wild, a Hong Kong film from the early 90s. Three and four on the list were last week's one and two as Kinsey beat out Finding Neverland $16,048 to $14,680. The only other film to make it to the $10,000 club was the overall box office champ, National Treasure with $11,648.

Duo Debuts, Holdovers Expand


There are only two new films on this week's list of limited releases; however, plenty of older limited releases are expanding their theatre counts.

Sex (Research) Sells


Kinsey, the biography of sex researcher Dr. Alfred Kinsey was top of the per theatre charts this past weekend. With nearly $170,000 in 5 theatres, the film was able to earn an impressive $33,808 per theatre average. Coming in second place was another biography, Finding Neverland with an average of $27,566 in 8 theatres. Well back was Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, which took in $16,385 in 530 on average. The only returning film in the $10,000 club was the overall box office champ, The Incredibles with $12,777 per theatre.

Limited Releases are doing Incredible Business


While it was the overall box office champ, The Incredibles that lead the way on the per theatre charts this week with $17,917, several limited releases are still making noise at the box office. One such movie is Sideways, which managed to stay above the $10,000 per theatre average mark for the third weekend in a row. The film earned more than $1 million over the weekend in just 66 theatres for an average of $15,873.

Picking Sides


Sideways was again able to top the per theatre average chart this week. Its average of $25,288 was more than double its nearest competitor and was the only film to top the $10,000 mark.

Per Theatre Average Sides with Sideways


Thanks in part to Paul Giamatti's second Oscar worthy performance in as many years, Sideways easily topped the Per Theatre Charts with a $51,761 average in four theatres. Let's hope Paul Giamatti is at least nominated this year unlike what happened last year with American Splendor.

Possible Oscar Showdown


Of the limited releases opening tonight, two feature potentially Oscar-winning performances.

Movie Websites Launches for October 15 - October 21


During the past week promotional websites for several movies were launched and some older ones added additional content. Here the list of this week's releases, a couple of new sites and few updates, including this week's winner Blade: Trinity - Official Site. If you know of any new movie websites not on this list feel free to e-mail me with the details.