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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Predicted Oscar Winners - 2005

The Numbers' annual Oscar polls have proved to be remarkably accurate predictors of the final results on Oscar night. Each year we publish our predicted the results in all categories.

We call results based on the hundreds of Numbers readers who vote in our Predict the Oscars competition.

We've received all the votes now, and are ready to make predictions in all categories. Percentage figures are the percentage of Numbers readers who believe a movie or performance will win in a particular category. They are a rough guide to how likely a particular movie is to win in a category - for example, we're pretty certain Jamie Foxx will win Best Actor in a Leading Role, while we think Clint Eastwood is, by a fraction, the most likely winner of the Best Director award.

Click here to see the complete vote tallies in each category.

Best Picture The Aviator  (48.21%)
Animated Feature The Incredibles  (62.03%)
Directing Million Dollar Baby Clint Eastwood (48.33%)
Actor in a Leading Role Ray Jamie Foxx (69.01%)
Actress in a Leading Role Million Dollar Baby Hilary Swank (66.52%)
Actor in a Supporting Role Million Dollar Baby Morgan Freeman (54.41%)
Actress in a Supporting Role The Aviator Cate Blanchett (51.67%)
Art Direction The Aviator  (37.15%)
Cinematography The Aviator  (40.96%)
Costume Design The Aviator  (31.50%)
Documentary Feature Super Size Me  (47.67%)
Documentary Short Subject Autism is a World (35.57%)
Film Editing The Aviator  (45.52%)
Foreign Language Film Mar adentro  (54.63%)
Makeup The Passion of the Christ  (56.11%)
Music (Score) Finding Neverland  (34.60%)
Music (Song) Shrek 2 Accidentally in Love (36.52%)
Short Film (Animated) Guard Dog (30.13%)
Short Film (Live Action) Little Terrorist (31.85%)
Sound Editing Spider-Man 2  (37.50%)
Sound Mixing Ray  (23.83%)
Visual Effects Spider-Man 2  (48.36%)
Writing (Adapted Screenplay) Sideways  (35.51%)
Writing (Original Screenplay) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind  (45.66%)

Check back after the event to see how we did...