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Aa Gaye Munde U.K. De (2014)

Aa Gaye Munde U.K. De poster
Theatrical Performance
Domestic Box Office $135,000Details
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When Roop sees Disha it's love at first sight. Both are from the same city, both are young, both are educated and both are perfect for each other having been born and raised as Punjabi's a match made in heaven... Or so thinks Roop. The grass is always greener on the other side and Disha's father Dilip Singh - a foreign return Punjabi believes that only an NRI is a suitable match for his princess. The NRI's are more educated, classy, cultured and all round more worldly. For him the local boys just don't make the cut. It is now that Roop must not only hide his true identity from the love of his life Disha but also her father to win over his bride with a little help from his best friend DJ. On a mission to stand up for all the local Punjabi boys Roop decides that he must fake it to make it. Roop enters Disha's life as an NRI and wins her over but how far can he pull off this farce before his plan falls apart. It is now that Roop, Disha and the 2 families go on a roller coaster ride of fun, frolics, traditional values, emotions, love and romance in a bid to find a perfect end to a perfect love story.


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