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The Black Dove (2016)

The Black Dove
Theatrical Performance
Domestic Box Office $10,860Details
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Ner-do-well Jake Williams, recently released from an 18 year prison term, is on a quest to recover his long-lost black Gibson Dove guitar. One of only two such guitars manufactured in the 70’s (the other belonged to Elvis) Jake seeks to resurrect his musical career by reuniting with his old guitar, currently in the possession of his estranged daughter, Jackie. Ah, but She’s a modern woman with values quite different from Jake’s and whose own musical career is on the rise. But first Jake must integrate himself into the community, with his outdated ways fueling a wild and hilarious romp. Teetering on self-destruction, he navigates the search with utter chaos and finds instead something unexpected… himself. John Savage makes Jake’s transformation compelling and memorable, a must-see, perhaps the best performance of his career.


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