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Trinidad Box Office for Flatliners (2017)

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Theatrical Performance (US$)
Trinidad Box Office $48,654Details
Worldwide Box Office $25,095,049Details
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Five medical students, hoping to gain insight into the mystery of what lies beyond the confines of life, embark on a daring and dangerous experiment. By stopping their hearts for short periods of time, each triggers a near-death experience. As the investigation becomes more and more perilous, they are forced to confront the sins of their pasts, as well as contend with the paranormal consequences of trespassing to the other side.


Movie Details

Production Budget:$20,000,000
Trinidad Releases: September 27th, 2017 (Wide)
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for violence and terror, sexual content, language, thematic material, and some drug references.
(Rating bulletin 2493 (Cert #50627), 9/13/2017)
Running Time: 110 minutes
Franchise: Flatliners
Keywords: Death of Other Immediate Family, Supernatural, Medical Students, Near Death Experience, Delayed Sequel, Human Experimentation
Source:Original Screenplay
Production Method:Live Action
Creative Type:Science Fiction
Production Companies: Columbia Pictures, Further Films, Laurence Mark, Cross Creek Pictures, The Safran Company
Production Countries: United States


Ellen Page    Courtney
Diego Luna    Ray
Nina Dobrev    Marlo
James Norton    Jamie
Kiersey Clemons    Sophia
Beau Mirchoff    Brad
Wendy Raquel Robinson    Sophia’s Mother
Kiefer Sutherland    Dr. Barry Wolfson
Madison Brydges    Tessa
Jacob Soley    Alex
Anna Arden    Alicia
Miguel Anthony    Cyrus Gudgeon
Jenny Raven    Irina Wong
Charlotte McKinney    Girl on Bicycle
Steve Byers    Marlo’s Brother
Lisa Codrington    Chief Resident
Emily Piggford    Neurology Resident
Martha Girvin    Neurology Resident
Taylor Trowbridge    Lauren
Nadine Roden    Paramedic
Richard Young    The Dean’s Secretary
Mary Grant    Radiologist
Stefano DiMatteo    Paramedic
Jimi Shlag    Burly Patient
Natasha Bromfield    ICU Nurse
Daniela Barbosa    Hayley
Jelena Savic    Conference Room Medical Student
Brian King    Chemistry Teacher
Ali Schwartz    Mean Girl
Dallas Poynter    Mean Girl
Avery Bederman    Mean Girl
Danny Gallagher    TEMC Dean
Jessica Rose    Puzzle Nurse

Production and Technical Credits

Director    Niels Arden Oplev
Screenwriter    Ben Ripley
Story by    Peter Filardi
Producer    Laurence Mark
Producer    Michael Douglas
Producer    Peter Safran
Executive Producer    Michael Bederman
Executive Producer    Robert Mitas
Executive Producer    David Blackman
Executive Producer    Brian Oliver
Executive Producer    Hassan Taher
Director of Photography    Eric Kress
Production Designer    Niels Sejer
Editor    Tom Elkins
Composer    Nathan Barr
Costume Designer    Jenny Gering
Casting Director    Angela Demo
Stunt Coordinator    Layton Morrison
Unit Production Manager    Michael Bederman
First Assistant Director    Jesse Nye
Second Assistant Director    Karl Irvine
Co-Executive Producer    Justin Ardalan-Raikes
Co-Executive Producer    Simon Fawcett
Art Director    Michaela Cheyne
Set Decorator    Mary Kirkland
Script Supervisor    Carolyn Arbuckle
Costume Supervisor    Mark Agnes
Make up    Donald Kozma
Make up    Rose-Mary Holosko
Special Make-up Effects    Steve Newburn
Hairstylist    Karola Dirnberger
Special Effects Coordinator    Michael Innanen
Special Effects Supervisor    Kaz Kobielski
Location Manager    Srdjan Vilotijevic
Location Manager    Audra Gorman
Set Designer    William Cheng
Casting Associate    Emily Cook
Casting Associate    Stefni Colle
Casting Assistant    Sophia Welch
Unit Production Manager    Stefan Steen
Unit Production Manager    Hartley Gorenstein
Additional Editor    Debbie Tennant
First Assistant Editor    Gershon Hinkson
Assistant Editor    Carolyn Calvert
Assistant Editor    Wendy Nomiyama
Assistant Editor    Joseph Roth
Re-recording Mixer    David Giammarco
Re-recording Mixer    David Esparza
Supervising Sound Editor    Mandell Winter
Sound Designer    David Esparza
Sound Designer    Peter Schultz
Sound Effects Editor    Ryan Collins
Dialogue Editor    Dhyana Carlton-Tims
Foley Mixer    Nerses Gezalyan
Music Editor    Robin Whittaker
Music Editor    Jim Schultz
Score Mixer    Greg Hayes
Animation Supervisor    Josh Novak
Visual Effects Executive Producer    Neishaw Ali
Visual Effects Supervisor    Wes Sewell
Visual Effects Producer    George Macri
Animation Supervisor    Peter Giliberti

Weekend Wrap-Up: Kingsman Wins Three-Way Race with $16.94 million

October 3rd, 2017

American Made

The top three films on the weekend box office chart landed in the same order as predicted; however, it was a much closer race than most thought it would be. Kingsman: The Golden Circle ended up on top with $16.94 million, just ahead of It with $16.90 million. The best new release of the week was American Made with $16.78 million. The other new releases struggled, to be kind, with Flatliners earning a distant fifth place and Til Death Do Us Part opening in ninth place. Overall, the box office fell 23% from last weekend to just $90 million. It was also 21% lower than the same weekend last year, thus ending 2017’s mini-winning streak. Year-to-date, 2017 has earned $8.06 billion, putting it 4.8% or $410 million behind last year’s pace. More...

Weekend Estimates: Threeway Tie at the Top

October 1st, 2017

American Made

Warner Bros. is claiming a weekend win at the box office for It as of this morning, but whichever way you slice it, we have a threeway tie at the top of the chart, based on Sunday morning estimates. In fact, we might have a rare weekend where three different movies will top the daily chart. American Made took a lead on Friday with a $6.17 million opening day, It won on Saturday with around $7.9 million, and the eventual result for the weekend will depend on whether Kingsman: The Golden Circle wins on Sunday, and by how much. As of this morning, Kingsman is projected to make $17 million, American Made $17.02 million, and It (a slightly optimistic, for my money) $17.3 million. We’ll know the real winner on Monday morning, and It probably has a slight edge. More...

Friday Estimates: American Makes it an Exciting Race with $6.1 million

September 30th, 2017

American Made

American Made topped the box office chart on Friday with $6.1 million. This is a little better than predicted and certainly better than previews were suggesting it would make. Its 85% positive reviews should result in long legs. On the other hand, its B plus from CinemaScore is the definition of average. It could grab first place with just over $16 million, but it is not the only film on pace to earn that much this weekend. More...

Weekend Predictions: How Will September End? With A Whimper.

September 28th, 2017

American Made

It looks like September will end with a whimper, as there are three wide releases, none of which are expected to be midlevel hits. American Made should have no trouble being the biggest of the three new releases, but it has a less than 50/50 chance of earning first place. Flatliners’ buzz started out quiet and it failed to grow by any significant margin. It looks like it will open below $10 million. Finally there’s Til Death Do Us Part, which may or may not manage a spot in the top ten. 2017’s mini-winning streak looks to be over, as this weekend last year had two films earning more than $20 million, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and Deepwater Horizon. This year, there will likely be none. More...

Contest: Halloween Arrives Early

September 22nd, 2017

American Made

September ends on a low note with two wide releases, American Made and Flatliners, neither of which are expected to be anything more than midlevel hits. American Made is nearly done its international run (It only has about a dozen markets left to open in) and it is not going well. That said, it is still expected to do much better than Flatliners, so it is the better choice for the target film in this week’s box office prediction contest. In order to win, one must simply predict the opening three-day weekend box office number for American Made.

We are starting the Halloween Trick or Treat contests a little early, because I still have a lot of horror films I’ve saved for this time of year and this will be the last Halloween for the Box Office Prediction contest. In fact, the Box Office Prediction contest will be ending at the end of the year. Each winner from now until Halloween will either win a horror movie or a movie so bad it is scary it was made. (Each winner will also get a TV on DVD release or a kids DVD, because I’m trying to run out of prizes by the end of the year.)

Whoever comes the closest to predicting the film’s opening 3-day weekend box office (Friday to Sunday), without going over, will win a Trick or Treat Frankenprize, as described above. Whoever comes the closest to predicting the film’s opening 3-day weekend box office (Friday to Sunday), without going under, will also win a Trick or Treat Frankenprize, as described above. Finally, we will be choosing an entrant from the group of people who haven’t won, or haven’t won recently, and they will win the final Trick or Treat Frankenprize, as described above.

Entries must be received by 10 a.m., Pacific Time on Friday to be eligible, so don’t delay! More...

2017 Preview: September

September 1st, 2017


As bad as July was, August actually managed to be worse. 2017 was over $300 million behind 2016’s pace during August alone. That’s worse than the rest of the summer combined. The only film that was an unqualified hit was Annabelle: Creation, although there were a couple of other films that are doing well enough to be considered financial hits. There’s some good news and some bad news for this September. The month gets off to a slow start with no wide releases the first weekend, but there are three films opening during the rest of the month that are expected to top $100 million and all three should be better than the best August had to offer. It is expected to be the biggest hit of the month and is tracking to break the record for the biggest September weekend. Both Kingsman: The Golden Circle and The Lego Ninjago Movie are expected to cross $100 million, although they are opening the same weekend, so that could hurt both of their chances. Meanwhile last September, Sully was the biggest release of the month earning $125.07 million. It should top that, while Kingsman: The Golden Circle and The Lego Ninjago Movie won’t be too far behind. 2017 should cut the gap with 2016, but sadly only by a little bit. More...

Flatliners Trailer

August 1st, 2017

Sci-fi thriller remake starring Ellen Page, Diego Luna, Nina Dobrev, James Norton, and Kiersey Clemons opens September 29 ... Full Movie Details. More...

Weekend Box Office Performance

DateRankGross% ChangeTheatersPer TheaterTotal GrossWeek
2017/09/29 - $21,375   12 $1,781   $21,375 1
2017/10/06 - $13,001 -39% 9 $1,445   $38,000 2
2017/10/13 - $8,735 -33% 6 $1,456   $48,654 3

Box Office Summary Per Territory

Territory Release
Box Office
Argentina 10/12/2017 $171,212 130 130 130 $171,212 10/18/2017
Aruba 9/28/2017 $1,880 2 3 5 $7,256 10/11/2017
Australia 9/29/2017 $879,902 228 228 640 $2,153,606 10/16/2017
Bahrain 9/28/2017 $47,174 9 9 19 $85,284 10/16/2017
Bulgaria 9/29/2017 $41,247 48 48 106 $121,874 10/18/2017
Cambodia 9/29/2017 $15,303 46 46 62 $24,534 10/9/2017
Central America 10/12/2017 $241,622 165 165 165 $241,622 10/16/2017
Curacao 9/28/2017 $1,189 3 3 9 $5,278 10/16/2017
Dominican Republic 10/12/2017 $6,972 9 9 9 $6,972 10/16/2017
East Africa 9/29/2017 $2,676 1 1 2 $6,223 10/9/2017
Ecuador 10/13/2017 $84,123 48 48 48 $84,123 10/18/2017
Egypt 9/28/2017 $21,204 11 14 38 $49,803 10/16/2017
Estonia 9/29/2017 $16,069 12 12 30 $51,037 10/16/2017
Ghana 9/29/2017 $394 2 3 5 $1,383 10/18/2017
Hungary 9/28/2017 $87,489 51 54 141 $214,337 10/16/2017
Iceland 9/29/2017 $7,359 7 7 10 $15,311 10/16/2017
Iraq 9/28/2017 $2,995 4 4 8 $6,626 10/16/2017
Israel 10/12/2017 $102,483 28 28 28 $102,483 10/16/2017
Jamaica 9/27/2017 $5,125 3 3 6 $7,761 10/18/2017
Jordan 9/28/2017 $14,986 6 6 15 $39,678 10/16/2017
Kenya 9/29/2017 $1,690 10 10 17 $3,394 10/16/2017
Kuwait 9/28/2017 $91,133 11 11 18 $164,767 10/16/2017
Latvia 9/29/2017 $8,340 6 6 16 $29,344 10/16/2017
Lebanon 9/28/2017 $32,630 16 16 32 $80,015 10/16/2017
Lithuania 9/29/2017 $18,930 73 73 112 $50,708 10/16/2017
Mexico 10/13/2017 $1,114,935 825 825 825 $1,114,935 10/17/2017
New Zealand 9/29/2017 $105,850 58 58 157 $290,949 10/16/2017
Nigeria 9/29/2017 $3,691 16 16 22 $10,691 10/16/2017
North America 9/29/2017 $6,574,326 2552 2552 7087 $16,195,051
Oman 9/28/2017 $24,192 10 10 11 $34,038 10/9/2017
Pakistan 9/29/2017 $876 6 6 7 $5,135 10/9/2017
Philippines 9/29/2017 $213,655 155 155 300 $435,010 10/16/2017
Poland 9/29/2017 $161,702 101 101 259 $449,348 10/16/2017
Portugal 9/28/2017 $66,486 44 46 125 $250,869 10/19/2017
Qatar 9/28/2017 $76,301 15 15 29 $127,536 10/16/2017
Romania 9/29/2017 $97,230 67 67 172 $267,458 10/16/2017
Slovakia 9/28/2017 $60,176 66 66 119 $127,717 10/18/2017
Suriname 10/6/2017 $777 1 1 2 $1,534 10/16/2017
Syria 9/28/2017 $1,694 1 1 2 $2,532 10/11/2017
Trinidad 9/27/2017 $21,375 12 12 27 $48,654 10/16/2017
United Arab Emirates 9/28/2017 $223,293 42 42 60 $368,230 10/16/2017
United Kingdom 9/29/2017 $652,266 366 366 802 $1,491,060 10/16/2017
Uruguay 10/12/2017 $16,992 9 9 9 $16,992 10/18/2017
Rest of World $132,679
Worldwide Total$25,095,049 10/19/2017

Full financial estimates for this film, including domestic and international box office, video sales, video rentals, TV and ancillary revenue are available through our research services. For more information, please contact us at