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Gwoemul (2007)

Theatrical Performance
Domestic Box Office $2,201,923Details
International Box Office $90,416,194
Worldwide Box Office $92,618,117
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Movie Details

Production Budget:$12,000,000
Domestic Releases: March 9th, 2007 (Limited) by Magnolia Pictures, released as The Host
Video Release: July 24th, 2007 by Magnolia Home Entertainment, released as Host, The
MPAA Rating: R for creature violence and brief language
Running Time: 119 minutes
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Keywords: Revenge, Rescue, Mutants, Monster, Foreign Language, Death of a Son or Daughter
Source:Original Screenplay
Production Method:Live Action
Creative Type:Science Fiction
Production Countries: Republic of Korea


Song Kang-ho   
Hae-Il Park   

Production and Technical Credits


2007 - Holiday Gift Guide - Part III

December 16th, 2007

This week, the Holiday Gift guide discusses movies as its theme, but not just any movie can get on this list. This is for smaller movies, ones that might have slipped past most people's attention. The top ten movies of the year would also make great gifts, but you don't need me to tell you about them. (Except to say The Simpsons Movie doesn't come out on DVD and Blu-Ray until Tuesday.) Here we have independent films, foreign films, and yes, a few Canadian films. ... Okay, more than a few Canadian films. More...

DVD Charts - Number One for 23

August 5th, 2007

There was a close race on the DVD Sales Chart this week, with The Number 23 topping Zodiac 387,000 units to 352,000 units sold. Premonition fell to third place with 190,000 units sold and 791,000 in total. The Hills Have Eyes 2 placed third with 134,000 units sold for the week and 536,000 in total. Rounding out the top five was Shooter with 109,000 units sold for the week and 1.90 million after a month of release. More...

DVD Releases for July 24, 2007

July 23rd, 2007

It's the busiest week in a long time and not only do we have more than three dozen films on this week's list (and six spotlight reviews), but we have plenty of releases worthy of the DVD Pick of the Week. Hard Boiled - 2-Disc Collector's Edition, Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law - Volume 3, The Host - 2-Disc Special Edition... and those are just the ones beginning with the letter H. All three of those deserve to be added to your DVD collections, as well as a few others, but I'm trying to limit the DVD Pick of the Week to one selection and that's The Host - 2-Disc Special Edition. More...

The Valet Parks on Top of Per Theater Chart

April 24th, 2007

Again, only one film was able to top $10,000 on the per theater chart this weekend. This time it was The Valet that made the grade, as it earned close to $70,000 in 6 theaters for a average of $11,259. More...

Namesake Falls From Top Spot on Per Theater Chart

March 27th, 2007

There was a new leader on top of the Per Theater Chart as Journey from the Fall opened with $87,442 in 4 theaters for an average of $21,861. This pushed Namesake into second place with a still amazing average of $11,169; this film has show amazing resilience on this chart despite massive increases in its theater count. More...

Namesake Springs to the Top of the Per Theater Chart

March 13th, 2007

Namesake proved that Kal Penn could lead a drama better than he does most of his comedies. Over the weekend, the film pulled in nearly a quarter of a million dollars in just 6 theaters for an average of $41,425. That was well ahead of the overall box office leader, 300 and its still fantastic $22,844. The last film in the $10,000 club was a holdover, as Into Great Silence fell just 3.4% to $11,566 despite doubling its theater count to two. More...

Movie Website Updates for March 3 - March 9, 2007

March 10th, 2007

We are starting to see more and more summer blockbusters launching or updating their websites. However, this week it was still a spring release taking top spot as The Fracture - Official Site won the Weekly Website Award. More...

Many Theaters are Hosting Limited Releases this Weekend - Correction

March 9th, 2007

Good selection of limited releases this week with two that jump out as must-sees: Fido and The Host. Both are opening with a bigger push than expected, but that might not be enough to help them succeed. Correction: Fido doesn't come out in Canada until next Friday. I was confused because I've been seeing ads for it all week. Usually, when it comes to Canadian movies, you don't see ads this far in advance, if you see them at all. More...

Movie Review: The Host

March 6th, 2007

The Host is a South Korean film released in its native market last year. After earning amazing reviews, the film went on to have a record-breaking run, eventually selling 13 million tickets. That works out to an average of one in four people in the country seeing the movie. That's practically Titanic-like numbers. Now it is coming to the United States, and, unusually, not as a remake, but in its original form. The film opens on March 9. But will it be able to work the same magic here? More...

2007 Preview: March

March 1st, 2007

March, a month without a holiday. In fact, It's the only month without any holidays to help boost the box office and this prevents studios from releasing big blockbusters. However, it is not the weakest month either and there are a few midlevel hits coming out over the next four weeks and even a couple that could top $100 million More...

Movie Website Updates for February 10 - February 16, 2007

February 17th, 2007

While the big summer blockbusters are sill M.I.A., there are plenty of other films to pick up the slack. This includes this week's winner, Bridge to Terabithia - Official Site. More...

Movie Website Updates for February 3 - February 9, 2007

February 9th, 2007

Still waiting sites for the big summer blockbusters to come online. In the meantime, this week is relatively busy, but with only a couple sites that look like they could be award-worthy once the features are added. The best of the best, and I use that term loosely, is Norbit - Official Site with a site that could be more entertaining than the movie it promotes. More...

Movie Website Updates for January 27 - February 2, 2007

February 3rd, 2007

Busy week for limited releases and a busy week for websites, which explains why I'm wrapping things up at midnight. There wasn't a whole lot on this week's list that really attracted my attention, but I'm giving the Weekly Website Award to Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters - Official Site, mainly for their ... extracurricular activities of the viral marketers in Boston. And remember people, real bombs are meant to be inconspicuous, they won't sing you a song or make rude gestures at you. More...

Movie Website Updates for January 13 - January 19, 2007

January 20th, 2007

Another slow week, but its been that way for a while. I'm hoping that will change when the summer blockbusters start launching their full sites soon, in fact, Spider-Man 3's Official Site did go live this week, but it is mostly marked coming soon and too soon to give it the award just yet. More...

New Movie US Release Dates - January 15, 2007

January 15th, 2007

This week's round of new movie release information contains release dates for Breaking and Entering, Two Weeks, Case 39 and more. More...

International Details - Sentinel Scores Its Best Weekend on International Charts

September 17th, 2006

The Sentinel climbed into 6th place on the international charts, the best placing the film has earned. It had a few openings, the biggeset being a sixth place, $410,000 debut on 89 screens in South Korea over the weekend, and $469,000 in total. On the other hand, the film place first in Belgium with $197,000 on 36 screens over the weekend and $226,000 in total and third in Denmark with $102,000 on 32 screens over the weekend and $108,000 in total. Overall it earned $3.44 million on 1423 screens in 22 markets for a total of $31.96 million, which puts it about a week from topping its domestic total. More...

International Details - Garfield Continues to Gobble Up the International Box Office

September 10th, 2006

No new openings left Garfield's A Tail of Two Kitties down 40% to $5.87 million on 3779 screens in 32 markets for a total of $90.08 million. It was reported that the film broke a record for an animated film in China with $6.7 million putting it ahead of The Lion King, which is a strange thing to report since the movie isn't animated. Sure, it has a CG lead, but that's not the same. As for the film's prospects for the future, hitting $100 million internationally is academic at this point and with several openings to go, including previews in Australia this weekend, the film could finish with close to the $125 million earned by the original. More...

You, Me, Dupree, and the International Details

September 3rd, 2006

A first place opening in the U.K. helped You, Me & Dupree shoot up the charts nearly reaching the top five. While it did have to settle for sixth place, its $4.32 million on 914 screens in 8 markets was enough to push its still early international total to $13.01 million. Over in the U.K., the film picked up $3.10 million on 409 screens and that was more than double its nearest competitor. The film opened in Iceland over the weekend earning second place to Garfield's A Tail of Two Kitties with $42,000 in three theatres. More...

New Movie US Release Dates - August 27, 2006

August 27th, 2006

This week's round of new movie release information contains the new and changed release dates that have been announced for the past two weeks. More...

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Daily Box Office Performance

DateRankGross% ChangeTheatersPer TheaterTotal GrossDays
2007/03/09 - $88,000   74 $1,189   $88,000 1
2007/05/28 69 $1,788   9 $199   $2,182,793 81

Weekend Box Office Performance

DateRankGross% ChangeTheatersPer TheaterTotal GrossDays
2007/03/09 24 $314,488   71 $4,429   $314,488 3
2007/03/16 27 $245,964 -22% 69 $3,565   $687,454 10
2007/03/23 25 $269,884 +10% 94 $2,871   $1,057,280 17
2007/03/30 23 $282,744 +5% 116 $2,437   $1,452,018 24
2007/04/06 26 $171,796 -39% 101 $1,701   $1,739,988 31
2007/04/13 38 $103,775 -40% 84 $1,235   $1,910,409 38
2007/04/20 44 $51,444 -50% 78 $660   $2,010,000 45
2007/04/27 52 $44,118 -14% 63 $700   $2,079,462 52
2007/05/04 56 $22,144 -50% 41 $540   $2,122,899 59
2007/05/11 64 $17,886 -19% 34 $526   $2,151,913 66
2007/05/18 75 $10,022 -44% 17 $590   $2,169,274 73
2007/05/25 72 $5,366 -46% 9 $596   $2,181,005 80
2007/06/01 83 $3,458 -36% 9 $384   $2,188,784 87
2007/06/08 79 $2,255 -35% 7 $322   $2,192,787 94
2007/06/15 83 $2,447 +9% 4 $612   $2,196,107 101
2007/06/22 86 $1,988 -19% 3 $663   $2,199,217 108
2007/06/29 87 $256 -87% 2 $128   $2,200,361 115
2007/07/06 87 $902 +252% 3 $301   $2,201,412 122

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