No Good Deed

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Theatrical Performance
Domestic Box Office $40,291,459Details
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Terri, a devoted wife and mother of two, lives an ideal life that takes a dramatic turn when her home and children are threatened by Colin, a charming stranger who smooth-talks his way into her house, claiming car trouble. The unexpected invitation leaves her and her family terrorized and fighting for survival.


Rotten Tomatoes
11% - Rotten
68% - Upright

Movie Details

Production Budget:$13,200,000
Theatrical Release: September 12th, 2014 (Wide) by Sony Pictures
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for sequences of violence, menace, terror, and for language.
(Rating bulletin 2332, 7/23/2014)
Source:Original Screenplay
Production Method:Live Action
Creative Type:Contemporary Fiction

Weekend Wrap-Up: Maze Runs Laps Around Competetion

The Maze Runner poster

The Maze Runner easily won the weekend box office race this past weekend beating expectations by a little bit with $32.51 million. Unfortunately, the other new releases were not as strong and their combined totals were about 25% lower than the number one film. Overall, the box office was $103 million, which is 14% higher than last weekend and 18% higher than the same weekend last year. This is a fantastic result, given the box office troubles of the past several weeks. Year-to-date, 2014 is still behind 2013 by a large margin at $7.38 billion to $7.75 billion, which is a 4.8% deficit. Hopefully this win will help the box office going forward and the fall will be better than the summer was. More...

Weekend Predictions: Which New Release Will Get Off to a Running Start?

The Maze Runner poster

There are a trio of new wide releases this week, led by The Maze Runner, which is expected to top the box office chart and it is also currently earning the best reviews, although it is so close that it could change with a single new negative review. (It did change about five minutes after writing that, as it fell to second place.) The buzz for A Walk Among the Tombstones hasn't grown like I thought it would, but it still looks on pace to become a midlevel hit. On the other hand, This is Where I Leave You's chances are weakening and it looks like it won't finish in the top three. There is some good news. This weekend last year, Prisoners was the only film to earn more than $20 million, while Insidious Chapter 2 was the only other film to earn more than $10 million. This weekend, we could have five films earning more than $10 million and the number one film could earn more than $30 million. More...

Per Theater Chart: Skeletons Eat Their Fill

The Skeleton Twins poster

There were a number of films in the $10,000 club this weekend, led by The Skeleton Twins, which earned an average of $25,379 in 15 theaters. The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby was next up with an average of $19,295 in four theaters. Both of these films have lots of room to expand. My Old Lady also did well with an average of $11,335 in 11 theaters, which is more impressive, because it was a Wednesday release. On the other hand, its reviews are merely good and likely not good enough to thrive in limited release. No Good Deed was right behind with an average of $11,150 in nearly 2,200 theaters. More...

Weekend Wrap-Up: Deed has a Good Opening, but Box Office is still Bad

No Good Deed poster

No Good Deed led the box office this weekend with a surprisingly robust opening of $24.25 million. This was more than double last week's number one movie, Guardians of the Galaxy. Dolphin Tale 2 also topped last week's number one film, even though it didn't live up to expectations. Overall, the box office pulled in $90 million, which was 37% more than last weekend. Unfortunately, this was still 13% lower than the same weekend last year. Year-to-date, 2014 has pulled in $7.26 billion, which isn't an insignificant amount. However, it is 5.2% or nearly $400 million behind last year's pace. 2014 still has a chance to catch up to last year, but the odds of it doing so are getting slimmer and slimmer each week. More...

Weekend Predictions: Box Office set to Bounce Back

Dolphin Tale 2 poster

Last weekend was the worst weekend in more than a decade. This weekend the box office will bounce back, because it has to. It can't possibly get worse. There are two wide releases debuting this weekend: Dolphin Tale 2 and No Good Time. Neither film is expected to become a big hit; in fact, if either film earns more than $20 million over the weekend, I will be impressed. That said, they will still be a step up from what happened last weekend. The biggest news of the weekend will come from Guardians of the Galaxy, which will become the first film released in 2014 to top $300 million. This weekend last year, Insidious Chapter 2 opened with more than $40 million and the combined openings of the two new releases this weekend will likely be below that. Worse case scenario has neither film opening above last year's number two film, The Family. There's almost no chance 2014 will win in the year-over-year comparison. More...

2014 Preview: September

The Equalizer poster

August was a great month, it is as simple as that. Not only did Guardians of the Galaxy break records, but Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was a surprise hit as well. These early gains led to an extended winning streak in the year-over-year comparison. Granted, 2014 is still more than $300 million behind 2013, but this is substantially less than the gap was before the month. Can September maintain this run? I'm not sure. Last September was strong compared to most Septembers with Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 earning more than $100 million while Insidious Chapter 2 came relatively close. This year, there likely won't be any $100 million hits, but I think The Equalizer should at least come close. Meanwhile, there are some who think The Maze Runner will be the biggest hit of the month, but I'm not among them. There have been too many similar releases that have struggled to think this one will be a hit. I think September will get off to a terrible start, but overall I think it will be close to last year. More...


Idris Elba    Colin
Taraji P. Henson    Terri
Leslie Bibb    Meg
Kate del Castillo    Alexis
Henry Simmons    Jeffrey
Wilbur Fitzgerald    Doctor Ross
Mirage Spann    Ryan
Kenny Alfonso    Javier
Dan Caudill    Cop
Tatom Pender    Sally
Kelly O'Neal    Officer Jacobs
Mark Ferrol Smith    EMT
Bobbie Elzey    Landlord
Leon Lamar    McKinley
Frank Brennan    Chairman
Dolan Wilson    Reid
Brianna Slate    Nanny
Stacey Turner    Reporter

Production and Technical Credits

Director    Sam Miller
Producer    Will Packer
Producer    Lee Clay
Screenwriter    Aimee Lagos
Executive Producer    Aimee Lagos
Executive Producer    Ellen Goldsmith-Vein
Executive Producer    Lindsay Williams
Executive Producer    Idris Elba
Executive Producer    Taraji P. Henson
Executive Producer    Rob Hardy
Executive Producer    Glenn S. Gainor
Director of Photography    Michael Barrett
Production Designer    Chris Cornwell
Editor    Jim Page
Editor    Randy Bricker
Composer    Paul Haslinger
Costume Designer    Keith G. Lewis

Daily Box Office Performance

DateRankGross% ChangeTheatersPer TheaterTotal GrossDays
2014/09/12 1 $8,820,333   2,175 $4,055   $8,820,333 1
2014/09/13 1 $9,783,147 +11% 2,175 $4,498   $18,603,480 2
2014/09/14 1 $5,646,803 -42% 2,175 $2,596   $24,250,283 3
2014/09/15 1 $1,610,263 -71% 2,175 $740   $25,860,546 4
2014/09/16 1 $1,821,612 +13% 2,175 $838   $27,682,158 5
2014/09/17 1 $1,178,729 -35% 2,175 $542   $28,860,887 6
2014/09/18 1 $1,047,165 -11% 2,175 $481   $29,908,052 7
2014/09/19 4 $2,957,113 +182% 2,175 $1,360   $32,865,165 8
2014/09/20 4 $4,645,122 +57% 2,175 $2,136   $37,510,287 9
2014/09/21 5 $2,191,953 -53% 2,175 $1,008   $39,702,240 10
2014/09/22 4 $589,219 -73% 2,175 $271   $40,291,459 11

Weekend Box Office Performance

DateRankGross% ChangeTheatersPer TheaterTotal GrossDays
2014/09/12 1 $24,250,283   2,175 $11,150   $24,250,283 3
2014/09/19 4 $9,794,188 -60% 2,175 $4,503   $39,702,240 10

No Good Deed

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