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Peter Pan (2003)

Theatrical Performance
Domestic Box Office $48,417,850Details
International Box Office $46,837,635
Worldwide Box Office $95,255,485
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Rotten Tomatoes
Critics Certified FreshAudience Upright
77% - Certified Fresh
74% - Upright

Movie Details

Production Budget:$100,000,000
Domestic Releases: December 25th, 2003 (Wide) by Universal
MPAA Rating: PG for adventure action sequences and peril
Running Time: 113 minutes
Franchise: Peter Pan
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Keywords: Fairies, Pirates
Source:Based on Fiction Book/Short Story
Production Method:Live Action
Creative Type:Fantasy
Production Companies: Universal Pictures, Columbia Pictures, Revolution Studios


   Captain Hook/Mr. Darling
   Peter Pan
   Wendy Darling
Olivia Williams    Mrs. Darling
Ludivine Sagnier    Tink
Richard Briers    Smee
Lynn Redgrave    Aunt Millicent
Geoffrey Palmer    Sir Edward Quiller Couch
Harry Newell    John Darling
Freddie Popplewell    Michael Darling
Theodore Chester    Slightly
Harry Eden    Nibs
Lachlan Gooch    Twin
Patrick Gooch    Twin
George McKay    Curly
Rupert Simonian    Tootles
Carsen Gray    Tiger Lily
Maggie Dence    Lady Quiller Couch
Kerry Walker    Miss Fulsom
Matthew Waters    Messenger Boy
Alan Cinis    Skylights
Frank Whitten    Starkey
Bruce Spence    Cookson
Daniel Wyllie    Alf Mason
Brian Carbee    Albino
Don Batte    Giant Pirate
Frank Gallacher    Alsation Fogarty
Septimus Caton    Noodler
Jacob Tomuri    Bill Jukes
Venant Wong    Quang Lee
Phil Meacham    Bollard
Darren Mitchell    Mullins
Michael Roughan    Cecco
Bill Kerr    Fairy Guide
Celeste Macilwaine    Sleeping Child
Spike Hogan    Sleeping Child
Patrick Hurd-Wood    Sleeping Child
Brooke Duncan    Sleeping Child
Themora Bourne    Sleeping Child
Alexander Bourne    Sleeping Child
Bruce Myles    Bank Manager
Maya Barnaby    Mermaid
Tory Mussett    Mermaid
Ursula Mills    Mermaid
Nadia Pirini    Mermaid
Vij Kaewsanan    Mermaid
Janet Strauss    Medicine Woman
Sam Morely    Fairy Bride
Brendan Shambrook    Fairy Groom
Saffron Burrows    Narrator

Production and Technical Credits

Screenwriter    P.J. Hogan
Screenwriter    Michael Goldenberg
Story Creator    J.M. Barrie
Producer    Lucy Fisher
Producer    Douglas Wick
Producer    Patrick McCormick
Executive Producer    Mohamed Al Fayed
Executive Producer    Gail Lyon
Executive Producer    Jocelyn Moorhouse
Production Designer    Roger Ford
Editor    Garth Craven
Editor    Michael Kahn
Composer    James Newton Howard
Director of Photography    Donald M. McAlpine
Co-Producer    Gary Adelson
Co-Producer    Craig Baumgarten
Co-Producer    Stephen Jones
Co-Executive Producer    Charles Newirth
Associate Producer    Gloria S. Borders
Associate Producer    Ellen M. Somers
Assistant Director    Carolynne Cunningham
Assistant Director    Simon Warner
Second Unit Director    Conrad E. Palmisano
Second Unit Director    Shirley Barrett
Unit Production Manager    Patrick McCormick
Unit Production Manager    Jennifer Cornwell
Supervising Art Director    Richard Hobbs
Art Director    Michelle McGahey
Set Decorator    Kerrie Brown
Second Unit Camera    Martin McGrath
Visual Effects Supervisor    Scott Farrar
Visual Effects Supervisor    Mark O. Forker
Visual Effects Designer    Jenn Emberly
Special Effects Supervisor    Clayton W. Pinney
Costume Designer    Janet Patterson
Costume Supervisor    Helen Dykes
Additional Editor    Paul Rubell
Sound Mixer    Ben Osmo
Re-recording Mixer    Gary Rydstrom
Re-recording Mixer    Tom Johnson
Re-recording Mixer    Rick Kline
Additional Sound Re-recording Mixer    Jurgen Scharpf
Supervising Sound Editor    Richard Hymns
Sound Effects Editor    Kyrsten Mate
Sound Effects Editor    David C. Hughes
Sound Designer    Gary Rydstrom
Sound Designer    Chris Scarabosio
Music Editor    Jim Weidman
Music Editor    David Olson
Music Supervisor    Bonnie Greenberg
Casting Director    Billy Hopkins
Casting Director    Suzanne Smith
Casting Director    Kerry Barden
Casting Director    Deborah Maxwell Dion
Casting Director    Shaheen Baig
Stunt Coordinator    Conrad E. Palmisano
Stunt Coordinator    Ric Anderson

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A Very Happy New Year

January 5th, 2004

2004 started off with a bang as all movies in the top five beat expectations, although mostly by just a million or two. Lord of the Rings: Return of the King continues to lead and may yet have one more win up its sleeve for next week. This allowed 2004 to get an early jump improving upon last year's pace by more than 9%. There was a considerable drop from last week, but this was not surprising given the return to work / school on Monday. A drop of just 24% was the best week to week drop-off to start the year since 2000 when the box office dropped a mere 14%. More...

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Returning as King

December 29th, 2003

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Lord Will Remain King over Christmas

December 24th, 2003

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November 6th, 2003

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Daily Box Office Performance

DateRankGross% ChangeTheatersPer TheaterTotal GrossDays
2003/12/25 5 $3,671,000   2,813 $1,305   $3,671,000 1
2003/12/26 6 $4,200,000 +14% 2,813 $1,493   $8,100,000 2
2003/12/27 7 $3,881,955 -8% 2,813 $1,380   $11,378,600 3
2003/12/28 7 $3,249,015 -16% 2,813 $1,155   $14,627,615 4
2003/12/29 5 $2,546,000 -22% 2,813 $905   $17,173,000 5
2003/12/30 4 $2,758,000 +8% 2,813 $980   $19,931,000 6
2003/12/31 6 $2,100,000 -24% 2,813 $747   $22,000,000 7
2004/01/01 7 $3,150,000 +50% 2,813 $1,120   $25,150,000 8
2004/01/02 6 $3,400,000 +8% 2,813 $1,209   $28,600,000 9
2004/01/03 6 $3,263,080 -4% 2,813 $1,160   $32,055,420 10
2004/01/04 5 $2,123,815 -35% 2,813 $755   $34,179,235 11
2004/01/05 8 $577,000 -73% 2,813 $205   $34,756,000 12
2004/01/06 9 $395,000 -32% 2,813 $140   $35,151,000 13
2004/01/07 9 $351,000 -11% 2,813 $125   $35,502,000 14
2004/01/08 9 $324,000 -8% 2,813 $115   $35,826,000 15
2004/01/10 10 $1,934,375   2,614 $740   $38,701,575 17
2004/01/11 7 $1,306,985 -32% 2,614 $500   $40,008,560 18
2004/01/17 10 $956,420   1,649 $580   $42,220,330 24
2004/01/18 10 $808,010 -16% 1,649 $490   $43,028,340 25
2004/01/19 8 $939,930 +16% 1,649 $570   $43,968,270 26
2004/02/16 27 $98,100   400 $245   $47,296,990 54

Weekend Box Office Performance

DateRankGross% ChangeTheatersPer TheaterTotal GrossDays
2003/12/26 7 $11,139,495   2,813 $3,960   $14,627,615 4
2004/01/02 6 $8,818,755 -21% 2,813 $3,135   $34,179,235 11
2004/01/09 11 $4,182,415 -53% 2,614 $1,600   $40,008,560 18
2004/01/16 14 $2,209,660 -47% 1,649 $1,340   $43,028,340 25
2004/01/23 16 $1,225,180 -45% 1,124 $1,090   $45,465,970 32
2004/01/30 22 $660,545 -46% 738 $895   $46,401,825 39
2004/02/06 27 $332,085 -50% 481 $690   $46,862,915 46
2004/02/13 31 $263,895 -21% 400 $660   $47,198,890 53
2004/02/20 35 $217,620 -18% 340 $640   $47,580,735 60
2004/02/27 40 $152,490 -30% 299 $510   $47,785,570 67
2004/03/05 39 $142,750 -6% 240 $595   $47,977,555 74
2004/03/12 41 $105,560 -26% 203 $520   $48,120,270 81
2004/03/19 38 $110,405 +5% 181 $610   $48,304,770 88
2004/03/26 50 $62,365 -44% 126 $495   $48,417,850 95

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