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Sahara (2005)

Theatrical Performance
Domestic Box Office $68,671,925Details
International Box Office $53,000,000
Worldwide Box Office $121,671,925
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Rotten Tomatoes
Critics RottenAudience Spilled
39% - Rotten
54% - Spilled

Movie Details

Production Budget:$145,000,000
Domestic Releases: April 8th, 2005 (Wide) by Paramount Pictures
Video Release: August 30th, 2005 by Paramount Home Video
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for action violence
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Keywords: Treasure Hunters
Source:Based on Fiction Book/Short Story
Production Method:Live Action
Creative Type:Contemporary Fiction


Matthew McConaughey    Dirk Pitt
Steve Zahn    Al Giordino
Penelope Cruz    Eva Rojas
Delroy Lindo    CIA Agent Carl
Lambert Wilson    Yves Massarde
William H. Macy    Sandecker, Admiral James
Rainn Wilson    Rudi Gunn
Lennie James    General Zateb Kazim
Robert Cavanah    Captain Tombs

Production and Technical Credits

Composer    Clint Mansell
Production Designer    Allan Cameron

DVD Releases for June 3, 2008

June 3rd, 2008

This was a bad week for big movies, with not a single first run release is even worth rating a solid purchase, never mind being a contender for DVD Pick of the Week. There were a few other contenders for the title, including Dirty Harry Collection on DVD or Blu-ray. However, I found it impossible to decide which format was the better deal. Had the Blu-ray provided anything more than High Definition, or been a more reasonable price compared to the DVD, it would have been an easier choice. One of them is the DVD Pick of the Week, I just don't know which one. On a side note, there is an immense flood of Blu-ray releases, including a few I thought were coming out previously. More...

DVD Releases for October 24, 2006

October 23rd, 2006

It's a disastrous week for DVD releases with more than half a dozen of them that I rated as must have. I just don't know how I'm going to afford to buy them all, but I will. As for the DVD Pick of the Week, I was able to narrow that list down to three, but I wasn't able to decide on just one. They are, in no particular order: Slither - Buy from Amazon, Greg the Bunny- The Best of the Film Parodies - Buy from Amazon, and Degrassi The Next Generation - Season 4 - Buy from Amazon. And in the better late than never category, we have Her Best Move, which can be purchased directly from the official website. (If I've missed any other releases, don't hesitate to e-mail me and I'll try to correct that oversight as soon as possible.) More...

DVD Releases for July 25, 2006

July 24th, 2006

On the surface this is a big week for DVDs, but there's a lot of chaff and not much wheat. However, there are several releases that rate a purchase or higher including this week's DVD Pick of the Week, Animaniacs - Volume 1 and Pinky and the Brain - Volume 1, both of which are perfect for kids and adults alike. One last note, both Blackballed: The Bobby Duke Story - Buy from Amazon and Deck Dogz will be featured next week in our box office prediction contest. More...

International Round-up: Red Eye Takes Off

October 2nd, 2005

Red Eye added another $3.7 million on 2,057 screens in 37 markets to its $22 million international total. The film opened in second place in both Spain with $850,000 on 215 screens and in the Netherlands with $250,000 on 59 ($300,000 including previews). More...

Mafia Sequel Squeezes into Top Five Again

September 25th, 2005

Marrying the Mafia 2 again led its native market of South Korean with $4.81 million over the weekend and $12.78 million during its two-week run. And like last week, this was enough for the film to secure a place in the top five overall just beating out Pride and Prejudice. More...

Hitchhiker Can't Guide Home Market out of Slump

September 24th, 2005

Crash repeated on top of the home market this weekend despite falling 27% during its second week to $6.50 million in combined rentals. This was not a particularly strong performance and further underscores the depth of the slump we're in. More...

Home Market Crashes

September 17th, 2005

Crash landed at the top of the rental charts this weekend, but it was a very close race. The film earned $8.30 million in DVD rentals and $560,000 in VHS rentals for a total of $8.86 million. The film also led the DVD sales chart, but as usual, no numbers were given. More...

In-Law has Monster Opening

September 10th, 2005

For the first time in a long time it was a good week on the rental charts with two films cracking $10 million in combined rentals. Leading the way was Monster-In-Law with $11.06 million in combined rentals, $9.84 million from DVDs and $1.22 million from VHS. On the other hand, it came in second on the DVD sales chart, but more on that later. More...

DVD Releases for August 23, 2005

August 29th, 2005

Every week films get a second chance at success from the home market; or, in some cases, a first chance at success. Here is a list of wide releases, limited releases, classics and a few from the growing TV on DVD section. It's another week without a single first-run release worth picking up. There are half-a-dozen Special Edition and TV on DVD releases that are good, but none of them really stand out as worthy of being a DVD Pick of the Week. If I were to pick just one release from each category as the best, it would be House, M.D. - Season One - Buy from Amazon from the TV on DVD section and from the Special Edition sections I'd go with The Blues Brothers - 25th Anniversary Edition - Buy from Amazon. More...

Charlie Appeals to the Sweet-tooth in its International Debut

July 24th, 2005

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory opened in three French speaking markets over the weekend and while it didn't finish first, it still had a great start. In France the film earned $3,741,793 in 670 theaters for the best per theater average in the top ten. The result was similar in Belgium ($250,000) and Switzerland ($190,000), giving the film $4.2 million for the weekend. More...

The Smiths' Honeymoon in Asia Continues

July 17th, 2005

Mr. and Mrs. Smith continues its excellent run in Asia with a $2.2 million opening in 450 theatres in China. The film also added $1.8 million in South Korea for an $18 million running total in that market, (although it was pushed out of the top spot in that market. Overall the film made $4 million pushing its total to $117 million internationally and $275 million worldwide. More...

Competition Crumbles under Alien Invasion

July 10th, 2005

With the last of this summer's worldwide releases opening last weekend, the international details are once again dominated by smaller films. And to compound matters, most of those are only making noise in one of two markets. However, over the next few weeks there are plenty of big films opening in big markets and the International Details column should start showing signs of life soon. More...

Few Films Open ahead of War's Worldwide Debut

July 3rd, 2005

Summer blockbusters continue to squeeze out the competition, so much so that the only real news is about such blockbusters. For instance, War of the Worlds managed $13.35 million during its first day of release on the international scene, which is good, but below expectations. On the other hand, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith broke another record earning $4.96 million during its preview in Japan. More...

Slump Spreads Internationally

June 26th, 2005

The international box office is suffering even more than the domestic box office is. In Germany the first six months of 2005 are down 14% compared to the same period in 2004 and Australia also saw double digit decline slipping by 12%. In Spain the total box office is down 8% and it was little better in France at 6%. The U.K. also fell, but at a much more reasonably 1.9%. More...

Corrected - Ruling the International Box Office

June 19th, 2005

Just when the International Details column was getting back to normal we have another film dominating the international scene. Mr. and Mrs. Smith led in nearly every major / midlevel market and those it didn't were mostly owned by Revenge of the Sith. Because of that there isn't as much news to tell as usual, and with Batman Begins opening worldwide this weekend and in two weeks, War of the Worlds doing the same, this trend will last until mid-July at the earliest. More...

The Largest Yard

June 12th, 2005

The Longest Yard opened in second place in Australia with $2.5 million. On the other hand, the film could only manage $750,000 on 260 screens in Mexico, not surprising since Adam Sandler has never been a big draw internationally, especially outside English speaking markets. More...

Slow Dancing to $100 million

May 8th, 2005

Golden Week helped Shall We Dance? climb 19% to $2,250,195 for the weekend and $7,270,348 during its run. The film now has $90.3 million internationally and could break $100 million if it continues to show strong legs in Japan. More...

Hitchhiker Earns a Big Thumbs Up

May 2nd, 2005

It's not summer yet. Anyone who has read the May Preview knows Summer doesn't begin until the first full weekend in May, but a lot of people got caught up the in the hype and were predicting a Summer-like box office. Even my more subdued predictions were too high, as no film was able to top expectations by more than a rounding error and both new films missed expectations by nearly $20 million combined. That led the box office downward by 3.00% from last weekend and 13.0% from last year. Year-to-date the numbers are hardly better with 2005 behind 2004 by nearly 6% at $2.475 billion to $2.628 billion. More...

Out of this Galaxy

April 29th, 2005

For the first time in a couple of weeks there's an actual race for first place between two movies that have very different target audiences. The first is a straight up action flick targeting the prime demographic of adolescent males from 18 to 35. The second is a quirky comedy that should have wide, across the board appeal. Combined, they should bump up the box office ahead of the lucrative summer season. More...

Its Easy to Interpret These Numbers

April 27th, 2005

The Interpreter climbed into top spot on the international with $12.6 million on 2,378 screens in 35 markets, nearly doubling its total international box office to $25.7 million. And while the film was number one overall, it only had a few number one openings; one such opening was in Germany where the film earned $2.0 million on 400 screens. Other number ones include Hong Kong, ($240,000 on 33) and Singapore, ($150,000 from 15.) The film also had a string of second place debuts in South Korea, ($790,000 on 90 behind Truth About Love, which stars Jennifer Love Hewitt), Brazil, ($560,000 on 120 behind Guess Who) and Austria, ($240,000 on 48 behind The Pacifier.) Holdovers were also impressing with the film staying in the premiere position in both the U.K. and Australia with $2.3 million and $1.1 million respectively. With openings that are good for this time of year and holdovers that are mostly stellar, this film should hit $100 million internationally and $200 million worldwide. More...

Nothing Lost in Translation

April 25th, 2005

This week's box office leader's opening was brighter than expected and that helped lift the overall box office up 12.25% from last weekend. However, even with such a massive jump, 2005 is still lagging behind 2004 at 5.72% for the weekend and 6% year-to-date. And that's not taking the ticket price increases into account. The number of actual admissions is nearly 10% lower this year. More...

Hitch still Connecting with Moviegoers

April 24th, 2005

Hitch is just coasting on holdovers now, and will be until it opens in Japan at the beginning of June. This week it added $5.1 million from 3000 screens in 55 markets to its already impressive $170.4 million international total and with soft week to week drop-offs and a good showing in Japan and it will have a $200 million future. This week the film added $643,359 in its fifth weekend in France for a $12,785,670 total in the market, $110,000 in its second weekend in Argentina, (rising to first place in the meantime) as well as other, smaller markets. More...

Busy Weekend Won't Help Box Office

April 22nd, 2005

Despite having four wide releases this weekend the box office is likely to be relatively flat. To be more accurate, there are two wide releases, one semi-wide release and a limited release expanding wide, but such a busy schedule will result in at least one of those films getting squeezed out, possibly two or more. That will leave the overall box office nearly flat compared to last weekend and have it fall further behind with last year. Summer can't start soon enough. More...

Holdovers Help, But Box Office still Hurting

April 18th, 2005

Is 2005 officially in trouble? Maybe not, but it's getting close. This week the box office was down 4.25% compared to last weekend and an insane 20.1% from last year. Year-to-date, the box office for the year is now at $2.243 billion, or 5% down from the same timeframe last year. At this pace, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith will need to be a monster hit to turn the earnings around. And by monster I mean Titanic-like numbers. More...

International Box Office Busier than Weekend Before

April 17th, 2005

The Pacifier finally debut across Australia after playing in Queensland and Victoria for the past two weeks; the massive expansion allowed the film to climb to first place with $1.125 million on 267 screens. That lifted its total in the market to $3.41 million so far and the film should have strong legs. Add to that its $1.75 million opening in Spain and $590,000 in Belgium and the film managed $4.1 million over the weekend, which doubled its early total to $8.1 million. More...

Soft Box Office Getting Scary

April 15th, 2005

The 2005 box office has entered a bit of a slump and is falling further and further behind 2004 -- sitting 5% behind last years pace. To compound matters, it seems unlikely this weekend will turn things around as the lone wide release is a horror film, and they tend not to do extremely well in spring. While the film should easily win the weekend race, it could be the only film to bring in $10 million over the weekend. More...

Box Office has Been Through the Desert

April 11th, 2005

It was another weak weekend at the box office as no film was able to break $20 million for the first time since the first weekend in February and Sahara had the worst box office for a number one film for the entire year. This pushed the box office down an incredible 17.8% from last week and an even more troubling 25.0% from last year. (This time last year was Easter, so that mitigates the situation somewhat.) Year-to-date, 2005's box office now sits at $2.134 billion, down 4% from 2004. Considering how poor box office receipts were at this time last year, 2005 is in serious trouble if things don't turn around soon. More...

Will Either New Release Hit a Home Run?

April 8th, 2005

Two wide releases hit theatres tonight, compared to the five that come out this time last year. But overall this year should still come out on top. And while neither of the films looks like it will be a massive, breakout hit, at least they don't look like they will be massive bombs either and that should lead to an interesting weekend at the box office. More...

Movie Websites Launches for April 1 - April 7

April 7th, 2005

During the past week promotional websites for several movies were launched and some older ones added additional content. Here the list of this week's releases, a couple of new sites and few updates, including this week's winner, Yes - Official Site. More...

2005 Preview: April

April 1st, 2005

April is one of the weakest months of the year because it is so close to the massive summer box office season. A film released in late April only has one or two weeks at the box office before being crushed by the competition, so studios tend to be wary of what they release at this time. On the plus side, they tend not to dump too many duds either and it doesn't take much for any of these films to please the studios since expectations are low to begin with. More...

Movie Websites Launches for March 18 - March 24

March 24th, 2005

During the past week promotional websites for several movies were launched and some older ones added additional content. Here the list of this week's releases, a couple of new sites and few updates, including this week's winner, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy - Official Site. More...

New Release Dates Announced: Twisted, Mean Girls, Sahara, The Missing, Big Fish

November 14th, 2003

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Daily Box Office Performance

DateRankGross% ChangeTheatersPer TheaterTotal GrossDays
2005/04/08 1 $6,150,277   3,154 $1,950   $6,150,277 1
2005/04/09 1 $7,600,453 +24% 3,154 $2,410   $13,750,730 2
2005/04/10 1 $4,317,642 -43% 3,154 $1,369   $18,068,372 3
2005/04/11 1 $1,432,000 -67% 3,154 $454   $19,500,000 4
2005/04/12 1 $1,402,000 -2% 3,154 $445   $20,902,000 5
2005/04/13 1 $1,216,000 -13% 3,154 $386   $22,119,000 6
2005/04/14 1 $1,228,000 +1% 3,154 $389   $23,346,000 7
2005/04/15 2 $3,900,000 +218% 3,154 $1,237   $27,200,000 8
2005/04/16 2 $5,904,914 +51% 3,154 $1,872   $33,118,155 9
2005/04/17 2 $3,299,323 -44% 3,154 $1,046   $36,417,478 10
2005/04/18 2 $883,000 -73% 3,154 $280   $37,300,000 11
2005/04/19 2 $870,000 -1% 3,154 $276   $38,170,000 12
2005/04/20 2 $856,000 -2% 3,154 $271   $39,027,000 13
2005/04/21 2 $893,000 +4% 3,154 $283   $39,919,497 14
2005/04/22 4 $2,400,000 +169% 3,200 $750   $42,300,000 15
2005/04/23 3 $4,096,872 +71% 3,200 $1,280   $46,485,966 16
2005/04/24 3 $2,461,416 -40% 3,200 $769   $48,947,382 17
2005/04/25 4 $571,000 -77% 3,200 $178   $49,519,000 18
2005/04/26 4 $542,000 -5% 3,200 $169   $50,061,000 19
2005/04/27 3 $554,000 +2% 3,200 $173   $50,614,000 20
2005/04/28 3 $563,000 +2% 3,200 $176   $51,177,499 21
2005/04/29 6 $1,600,000 +184% 3,112 $514   $52,800,000 22
2005/04/30 5 $2,743,348 +71% 3,112 $882   $55,508,242 23
2005/05/01 5 $1,377,589 -50% 3,112 $443   $56,885,831 24
2005/05/02 5 $340,000 -75% 3,112 $109   $57,226,000 25
2005/05/03 5 $343,000 +1% 3,112 $110   $57,569,000 26
2005/05/04 5 $333,000 -3% 3,112 $107   $57,902,000 27
2005/05/05 5 $335,000 +1% 3,112 $108   $58,236,660 28
2005/05/06 9 $900,000 +169% 2,516 $358   $59,100,000 29
2005/05/07 8 $1,373,356 +53% 2,516 $546   $60,536,518 30
2005/05/08 7 $1,128,023 -18% 2,516 $448   $61,664,541 31
2005/05/09 8 $214,000 -81% 2,516 $85   $61,878,000 32
2005/05/10 8 $232,000 +8% 2,516 $92   $62,110,000 33
2005/05/11 8 $228,000 -2% 2,516 $91   $62,338,000 34
2005/05/12 9 $219,000 -4% 2,516 $87   $62,557,141 35
2005/05/14 10 $829,207   1,565 $530   $63,909,895 37
2005/05/30 18 $89,427   387 $231   $66,465,178 53
2005/07/04 31 $18,436   121 $152   $68,284,246 88

Weekend Box Office Performance

DateRankGross% ChangeTheatersPer TheaterTotal GrossDays
2005/04/08 1 $18,068,372   3,154 $5,729   $18,068,372 3
2005/04/15 2 $13,071,283 -28% 3,154 $4,144   $36,417,478 10
2005/04/22 3 $9,027,885 -31% 3,200 $2,821   $48,947,382 17
2005/04/29 5 $5,708,332 -37% 3,112 $1,834   $56,885,831 24
2005/05/06 7 $3,427,881 -40% 2,516 $1,362   $61,664,541 31
2005/05/13 11 $1,806,454 -47% 1,565 $1,154   $64,363,595 38
2005/05/20 12 $803,664 -56% 1,074 $748   $65,571,156 45
2005/05/27 12 $447,642 -44% 387 $1,157   $66,375,751 52
2005/06/03 16 $336,654 -25% 272 $1,238   $66,924,356 59
2005/06/10 17 $345,687 +3% 381 $907   $67,409,126 66
2005/06/17 22 $198,716 -43% 278 $715   $67,774,468 73
2005/06/24 27 $141,072 -29% 207 $682   $68,049,692 80
2005/07/01 31 $127,499 -10% 121 $1,054   $68,265,810 87
2005/07/08 44 $60,830 -52% 100 $608   $68,386,872 94
2005/07/15 41 $51,303 -16% 79 $649   $68,487,241 101
2005/07/22 46 $45,101 -12% 88 $513   $68,573,502 108
2005/07/29 51 $39,069 -13% 48 $814   $68,642,452 115

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