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Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Cable Guy

The Numbers Rating: 5.25 (4 votes) Rate it - Rating Details
Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 54% - Rotten
Theatrical Performance
Domestic Box Office $60,240,295
International Box Office$42,585,501
Worldwide Box Office$102,825,796
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Production Budget:$47,000,000
Theatrical Release: June 14th, 1996 (Wide) by Sony Pictures
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for dark thematic elements and crude humor
Source:Original Screenplay
Production Method:Live Action
Creative Type:Contemporary Fiction
Running Time:95 minutes


Jim Carrey    Cable Guy
Matthew Broderick    Steven Kovacs
Leslie Mann    Robin Harris
George Segal    Steven's Father
Jack Black    Rick
Diane Baker    Steven's Mother
Ben Stiller    Sam Sweet
Eric Roberts    Himself
Janeane Garofalo    Midieval Waitress
Andy Dick    Medieval Host
Harry O'Reilly    Steven's Boss
David Cross    Sales Manager
Amy Stiller    Steven's Secretary
Owen Wilson    Robin's Date
Keith Gibbs    Basketball Player
Tommy Hinkley    Basketball Player
Shawn Michael Howard    Basketball Player
Jeff Kahn    Basketball Player
Suli McCullough    Basketball Player
Jeff Michalski    Basketball Player
Joel Murray    Basketball Player
Andrew Shaifer    Basketball Player
Cameron Starman    Cable Boy
Kathy Griffin    Cable Boy's Mother
Greg Hopla    Medieval Times Fighter
John Ferdinand    Medieval Times Fighter/Karoake Jam
Misa Koprova    Heather
Paul Greco    Raul
Aki Aleong    Party Guest
Lloyd Kino    Party Guest
Dona Hardy    Party Guest
Sara Lowell    Party Guest
Cynthia Mason    Party Guest
Michael Rivkin    Party Guest
Harper Roisman    Party Guest
Sandra Thigpen    Party Guest
Sean Whalen    Party Guest
Marty Zagon    Party Guest
Cynthia Lamontagne    Restaurant Hostess
James O'Connell    Bathroom Attendant
Douglas Robert Jackson    Bathroom Patron
Charles Napier    Arresting Officer
Christopher Michael    Arresting Officer
Charles Knox Robinson III    Steven's Lawyer
John O'Donohue    Prison Guard
Lydell M Cheshier    Jail Inmate
Jason Larimore    Jail Inmate
Ahmad Reese    Jail Inmate
Elilio Rivera    Jail Inmate
Jeremy Applegate    Medieval Times Serf
Adam Consolo    Medieval Times Serf
Michael Fossat    Medieval Times Serf
Kennedy Kabasares    Medieval Times Serf
Robert L. Rasner    Medieval Times Serf
Staci Flood    Karaoke Video Dancer
Mary Lee    Karaoke Video Dancer
Raydeen Revilla    Karaoke Video Dancer
Darlene Worley    Karaoke Video Dancer
Bob Odenkirk    Steven's Brother
Julie Hayden    Steven's Sister
Annabelle Gurwitch    Steven's Sister-in-Law
Blake Boyd    Steven's Brother-in-Law
Lisa D'Agostino    Newsroom Researcher
Tabitha Soren    Tabitha Soren
Rikki Klieman    Rikki Klieman
Robert Simels    Robert Simels
Leonard Turner    Sam Sweet Judge
Carlo Allen    Sam Sweet Court Clerk
Conrad Janis    Father, "Double Trouble"
Thomas Scott    Sam at 8 Years Old
Steven Scott    Stan at 8 Years Old
Christine Devine    Anchorwoman
Mark Thompson    Newsroom Reporter
Wendy Walsh    Reporter Outside Courtroom
Marion Dugan    Robin's Neighbor
Bill Beasley    Nuclear Dad
Christine Beasley    Nuclear Mom
Adam Beasley    Nuclear Kid
Devon Beasley    Nuclear Kid
Barbara Babbin    Bar Patron
Frank Davis    Bar Patron
Julian Reyes    Bar Patron
Kyle Gass    Couch Potato
David Bowe    Helicopter Paramedic
Bobby Jajonc    Pilot
Robert Zajonc    Medevac Pilot

Production and Technical Credits

Director    Ben Stiller
Producer    Andrew Licht
Producer    Jeffrey Mueller
Producer    Judd Apatow
Screenwriter    Judd Apatow
Story Creator    Lou Holtz, Jr.
Executive Producer    Brad Grey
Executive Producer    Bernie Brillstein
Executive Producer    Marc Gurvitz
Cinematographer    Robert Brinkmann
Production Designer    Sharon Seymour
Editor    Steven Weisberg
Composer    John Ottman
Co-Producer    William Beasley
Assistant Director    Nilo Otero
Unit Production Manager    William Beasley
Art Director    Jeff Knipp
Set Decorator    Maggie Martin
Special Effects Coordinator    Matt Sweeney
Costume Designer    Erica Edell Phillips
Costume Supervisor    Amy Stofsky
Additional Editor    Samuel Craven
Additional Editor    Gail Du Fosse
Sound Mixer    Nelson Stoll
Re-recording Mixer    Scott Millan
Re-recording Mixer    Chris David
Re-recording Mixer    Tom Perry
Supervising Sound Editor    Robert Grieve
Supervising Sound Editor    Gregory King
Sound Effects Editor    Yann Delpuech
Sound Effects Editor    Rob Nokes
Dialogue Editor    Alison Fisher
Dialogue Editor    Michael Haight
Music Editor    Lia Vollack
Music Editor    Jeanette Surga
Make-up and Hair Designer    Sheryl Leigh Ptak
Music Supervisor    Juliana Roberts
Casting Director    Juel Bestrop
Stunt Coordinator    Freddie Hice

Weekend Chart Record

DateRankGross% ChangeTheatersPer TheaterTotal GrossDays
1996/06/14 1 $19,806,226   2,657 $7,454   $19,806,226 3
1996/06/21 4 $10,321,903 -48% 2,657 $3,885   $40,643,476 10
1996/06/28 7 $4,807,927 -53% 2,590 $1,856   $50,451,572 17
1996/07/05 10 $2,589,012 -46% 2,042 $1,268   $54,352,588 24
1996/07/12 12 $1,006,189 -61% 1,004 $1,002   $56,261,724 31
1996/07/19 20 $307,404 -69% 450 $683   $57,064,576 38
1996/07/26 29 $103,742 -66% 283 $367   $57,330,460 45
1996/08/02 21 $714,069 +588% 769 $929   $58,088,989 52
1996/08/09 24 $502,444 -30% 624 $805   $59,003,776 59
1996/08/16 25 $316,085 -37% 475 $665   $59,616,298 66
1996/08/23 33 $204,589 -35% 310 $660   $60,022,922 73
1996/08/30 51 $50,598 -75% 131 $386   $60,154,431 80