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Box Office History for Cabin Fever Movies

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Release DateMovieProduction
Box Office
Box Office
Sep 12, 2003 Cabin Fever $1,500,000 $8,633,585 $21,158,188 $30,351,664  
Feb 16, 2010 Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever     $0 $0  
Aug 1, 2014 Cabin Fever: Patient Zero     $0 $0  
 Totals$1,500,000 $21,158,188$30,351,664 
Release DateMovieDomestic
DVD Sales
Blu-ray Sales
Total Domestic
Video Sales
Feb 16, 2010 Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever $1,444,456   $1,444,456
Sep 2, 2014 Cabin Fever: Patient Zero $129,783 $27,362 $157,145

DVD and Blu-ray Releases for September 2nd, 2014

September 2nd, 2014

It is officially the start of Christmas shopping season, sort of. It is also the first day of school for a lot of children, so there are not a lot of new releases coming out this week. Draft Day is the biggest first-run release of the week and while its reviews were good, it likely won't appeal to most people. There are also a ton of TV on DVD releases coming out this week, but the only two I'm interested in are It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The Complete Season 9 and New Girl: Season 3, and in both cases I'm waiting for the screener. As for Pick of the Week Contenders, only Night Moves - DVD or Blu-ray and Years of Living Dangerously - The Complete Showtime Series - DVD come close. In the end I went with Years of Living Dangerously. More...

Note: This list contains actors which appear in at least 2 movies of the franchise.

Note: This list contains people who contributed to at least 2 movies of the franchise.