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Movies Released in 1959

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This list shows all films released in 1959, including films that went direct-to-video, or only got an international theatrical release. For each film, we use the first date on which it was made available to the public, which might include international theatrical or domestic video releases that were a few days, or sometimes more, earlier than the domestic (US/Canada) theatrical release. All movies announced for release in 1959 are included.

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Release DateMovieGenreProduction
Box Office
to Date

January, 1959

January 1 A Hole in the Head   $11,000,000  
Imitation of Life Drama   $14,000,000  
Journey to the Center of the Earth   $10,000,000  
North by Northwest Action   $13,275,000  
The Nun's Story $3,500,000 $12,800,000  
On the Beach   $11,000,000  
Pillow Talk Romantic Comedy   $18,750,000  
Pork Chop Hill   $3,690,000  
Rio Bravo   $5,800,000  
Solomon and Sheba $5,000,000 $11,000,000  
January 29 Sleeping Beauty Drama   $9,464,608  

March, 1959

March 19 The Shaggy Dog   $29,000,000  
March 29 Some Like it Hot $2,883,848 $25,000,000  

November, 1959

November 18 Ben-Hur Adventure $15,000,000 $73,000,000  

December, 1959

December 5 Operation Petticoat Romantic Comedy   $23,300,000  
December 31 Gli ultimi giorni di Pompei Drama   $0  
Suddenly, Last Summer   $0