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Per Theater Chart: Guardians Rides to the Rescue

Calvary poster

The overall box office leader, The Guardians of the Galaxy, also led the way on the per theater chart with an average of $23,118 in just over 4,000 theaters. Second place went to Calvary, with an average of $18,537 in four theaters. The final film in the $10,000 club was Magic in the Moonlight, with an average of $11,396 in 65 theaters.

The only other new limited releases we have numbers for is Child of God, which opened with an average of $3,454 in 8 theaters.

This past week also saw milestones reached for several Per Theater Chart alumni:

  • Magic in the Moonlight hit $1 million already and it is clearly going to expand more during the upcoming weekend.
  • Kick fell 59%, which is actually pretty good for a Bollywood film, as it crossed $2 million in the process.
  • Wish I Was Here topped $2 million before the weekend and reached $3 million over the weekend, Its per theater average is below $1,000, so it won't last long in theaters. It cost a reported $6 million to make, but also earned $2.6 million in crowdfunding, so I don't know where the breakeven point it.
  • Snowpiercer made it to $4 million just before the weekend. That is as far as it will go, but this is still a great run for a limited release.
  • Boyhood hit $5 million before the weekend and it might get to $10 million during the upcoming weekend.
  • A Most Wanted Man roared past $5 million over the weekend and will have no trouble getting to $10 million this weekend.

- C.S.Strowbridge

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