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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Television Series : Star Trek: The Next Generation

Actor Name Role Total Gross
Stephen Root Captain K'Vada $1,875,932,356
Patrick Stewart Captain Jean-Luc Picard $1,696,392,496
Jonathan Frakes Commander William Thomas Riker $292,201,030
LeVar Burton Lt. (j.g.)/Lt./Lt. Cmdr. Geordi LaForge $372,872,983
Denise Crosby Lieutenant Tasha Yar $407,360,859
Michael Dorn Lt. (j.g.)/Lt. Worf $711,204,875
Gates McFadden Doctor Beverly Crusher $463,696,007
Marina Sirtis Counselor Deanna Troi $297,258,095
Brent Spiner Lieutenant Commander Data $1,079,584,414
Wil Wheaton Ensign Wesley Crusher $318,235,870
Totals $7,514,738,985
Averages $751,473,899