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Michael Moore

Best known as an Actor based on credits in that role in 9 films, with $117,642,161 worldwide aggregate box office (rank #22,656)
Best-Known Acting Roles: Himself (The Insider), Walter (Lucky Numbers), Narrator (Where to Invade Next), Panel Member (EDtv), Himself (Roger & Me)
Best-Known Technical Roles: Fahrenheit 9/11 (Director), Fahrenheit 9/11 (Screenwriter), Fahrenheit 9/11 (Producer), Capitalism: A Love Story (Director), Capitalism: A Love Story (Screenwriter)
Most productive collaborators: Jim Czarnecki, Jeff Gibbs, Kathleen Glynn, Tia Lessin, Kurt Engfehr

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Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
As an ActorCameo1$28,965,197$31,300,000$60,265,197
In Technical RolesDirector9$191,024,252$156,065,603$347,089,855

Home Market Releases for May 10th, 2016

May 9th, 2016


It is officially the summer blockbuster season, which is historically the worst time of year for the home market. We are usually flooded with duds from January and February. However, this year we have the biggest hit of the year so far, Deadpool, which is coming out on DVD, Blu-ray Combo Pack, and 4K. Unless your eyesight is better than 20/20, 4k is not worth the upgrade, but the Blu-ray is the Pick of the Week. It isn't the only contender for that title. Mustang (DVD or Blu-ray) and The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane (Blu-ray) are also must haves. More...

Friday Estimates: No Grey Zone for Deadpool

February 13th, 2016


Sometimes a movie opens and it takes a while to figure out if it was a financial success or not. Deadpool is not one of those movies. Not only did its previews break a couple of records, it crushed a few more on Friday. Its opening day haul of $47.5 million is a new record for the biggest day in February, topping Fifty Shades of Grey by just over $10 million. It is also the biggest opening day for an R-rated film, topping The Maxtrix Reloaded for that record. It likely won’t have as strong legs as that film, despite its reviews, because the Fanboy Effect is strong with this movie. That said, the film cost just $58 million to make, so unless it cost more than that to advertise, it will break even just on its domestic box office. More...

Limited and VOD Releases: Invading a Theater Near You

February 12th, 2016

Where to Invade Next

It's Valentine's Day weekend, so it should come as no surprise that there's a few romantic films on this week's list. On the other hand, the biggest release is Where to Invade Next. Its reviews are good, but it is opening in 300 theaters, which could prove to be too many. More...

Limited and VOD Releases: Eight Reasons to Love Limited Releases

December 25th, 2015

The Hateful Eight

While there are a massive number of wide releases / wide expansions this week, there are very few limited releases. Generally by this time of year, the competition from previously released Awards Season contenders is just too much. The only type of film that can truly thrive is one that has a lot of pre-release buzz. This year, this includes The Hateful Eight, which has the widest opening on this week's list and expands truly wide next week, as well as The Revenant, which expands wide early in January. More...

Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
11/1/2016 All Governments Lie: Truth, Deception… Himself  $0 $0 $0
12/23/2015 Where to Invade Next Narrator  $3,827,261 $611,234 $4,438,495
12/31/2007 Slacker Uprising Himself  $0 $0 $0
10/27/2000 Lucky Numbers Walter  $10,014,234 $0 $10,014,234
11/5/1999 The Insider Himself  $28,965,197 $31,300,000 $60,265,197
3/26/1999 EDtv Panel Member  $22,508,689 $12,811,000 $35,319,689
4/10/1998 The Big One Himself  $720,074 $0 $720,074
9/22/1995 Canadian Bacon Redneck protestor #2  $178,104 $0 $178,104
12/20/1989 Roger & Me Himself  $6,706,368 $0 $6,706,368
Movies: 9Totals:$72,919,927$44,722,234$117,642,161
Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
12/23/2015 Where to Invade Next Director,
$3,827,261 $611,234 $4,438,495
9/23/2009 Capitalism: A Love Story Screenwriter,
$14,363,397 $4,758,134 $19,121,531
12/31/2007 Slacker Uprising Director,
$0 $0 $0
6/22/2007 Sicko Director $24,538,513 $11,997,324 $36,535,837
6/23/2004 Fahrenheit 9/11 Screenwriter,
$119,114,517 $102,034,442 $221,148,959
10/11/2002 Bowling for Columbine Director $21,576,018 $36,664,469 $58,240,487
4/10/1998 The Big One Director $720,074 $0 $720,074
9/22/1995 Canadian Bacon Director $178,104 $0 $178,104
12/20/1989 Roger & Me Director $6,706,368 $0 $6,706,368
Movies: 9Totals:$191,024,252$156,065,603$347,089,855