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Jack Weston

Best known as an Actor based on credits in that role in 6 films, with $320,589,341 worldwide aggregate box office (rank #10,626)
Best-Known Acting Roles: Max Kellerman (Dirty Dancing), Danny Zimmer (The Four Seasons), Struts (High Road to China), Oscar Baldwin (Short Circuit 2), Marty Freed (Ishtar)

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Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
As an Actor(Unclassified)6$170,582,030$150,007,311$320,589,341

Featured DVD Review: The April Fools and The War Between Men and Women

January 26th, 2014

Jack Lemmon starred in some of the greatest movies ever made. That is not a hyperbole. Some Like it Hot is arguably the greatest comedy every made. The Odd Couple, The Apartment, Grumpy Old Men, Glengarry Glen Ross, etc. The list of great movies he was in goes on and on and on. This week, two of his lesser known movies come out on DVD for the first time. To give you some perspective, neither The April Fools nor The War Between Men and Women have any reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. They have clearly faded from public memory. Do they deserve to be rediscovered? Or is there a reason they didn't get a DVD release till now? More...

Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
7/6/1988 Short Circuit 2 Oscar Baldwin  $20,882,000 $0 $20,882,000
8/21/1987 Dirty Dancing Max Kellerman  $63,892,689 $150,007,311 $213,900,000
5/15/1987 Ishtar Marty Freed  $14,375,181 $0 $14,375,181
3/18/1983 High Road to China Struts  $28,416,459 $0 $28,416,459
5/22/1981 The Four Seasons Danny Zimmer  $42,488,161 $0 $42,488,161
12/21/1979 Cuba Larry Gutman  $527,540 $0 $527,540
Movies: 6Totals:$170,582,030$150,007,311$320,589,341