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Evan Goldberg

Best known as a Producer based on credits in that role in 10 films, with $619,371,332 worldwide aggregate box office (rank #361)
Best-Known Technical Roles: Neighbors (Producer), Knocked Up (Executive Producer), This is the End (Director), This is the End (Producer), This is the End (Screenwriter)
Most productive collaborators: Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, James Franco, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Nicholas Stoller

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Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
In Technical RolesProducer10$411,186,529$208,184,803$619,371,332
Executive Producer5$508,201,458$284,459,463$792,660,921
Story Creator4$194,916,757$46,369,011$241,285,768

2016 Preview: May

May 1st, 2016

Captain America: Civil War

April started on a soft note and ended weak, but thanks to The Jungle Book, overall the month was actually really good. That's what happens when you get a surprise $300 million hit. This bodes well for May, which is both a slow month and a fantastic month. There are only four weekends and only eight movies coming out, but of those eight films, five have a shot at $100 million. The potential blockbusters are led by Captain America: Civil War, which is not only going to be the biggest hit of the month, but according to a Fandango survey, it is the most anticipated film of the summer. (On a side note, Finding Dory is the most anticipated family film of the summer and Ghostbusters is the most anticipated comedy of the summer. I was surprised by the last result.) Both Alice Through the Looking Glass and X-Men: Apocalypse have real shots at $200 million. One of them could get to $300 million, if they weren't opening against each other. Overall, the month looks excellent. Even better, last May there was only one monster hit, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and most analysts think Captain America: Civil War will beat it at the box office. (There's also the issue of the misalignment in the weekends, which hurt April, but will really help May.) More...

2014 Preview: December

December 1st, 2014

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies poster

November is over and there are not a lot of positive things to say about what happened during the month. There were a couple of films that matched expectations, but there were no breakout hits and a few that missed expectations by wide margins. Granted, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 will top $300 million with relative ease, but that's still nearly $100 million lower than some people were predicting. The month ends with 2014 about $300 million behind 2013's pace and there's really no chance to catch up in December. That doesn't mean there are no films that will be worth watching in December. The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies should at least earn $200 million, while $300 million is not out of the question. Additionally, there are several films that at least have a shot at $100 million at the box office, but not all will get there. At least this December and last December are on par with each other. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug topped $250 million while there were three others that topped $100 million. I think we will get the same result this month. Last year there were a lot more wide releases, but many of them bombed. I think this year the lack of competition will help more films reach their potential. More...

2013 Preview: June

June 2nd, 2013

May ended on a mixed note, but there was still enough to celebrate. Of the seven films I thought had a legitimate shot at $100 million, four have already gotten there, one more is a sure thing, and another has a good shot as well. Only one, After Earth, will definitely fail to get to that milestone. (Although Now You See Me might get there instead.) Looking forward to June, there are four weekends, each with two wide releases, for a total of eight films. Of those eight, six have a legitimate shot at $100 million. One, Monsters University, should have no trouble getting to $200 million, and another, Man of Steel, should top $300 million. It is hard to compare this June with last June, because last June there were five weekends. Taking that into account and ignoring the first week, which lines up with the final week of May, there were eight wide releases. Of those eight, five hit $100 million, including three $200 million movies. There were no $300 million movies, so if the two big hits this month do as well as expected, 2013 could come out ahead. More...

Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
12/31/2017 The Disaster Artist Producer $0 $0 $0
12/31/2017 The Pact Producer $0 $0 $0
8/12/2016 Sausage Party Story Creator,
$0 $0 $0
5/20/2016 Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising Producer,
$38,340,220 $36,500,000 $74,840,220
12/31/2015 Untitled Adam McKay Seth Rogen … Producer $0 $0 $0
11/20/2015 The Night Before Producer,
$43,035,725 $9,391,621 $52,427,346
5/9/2014 Neighbors Producer $150,086,800 $120,507,734 $270,594,534
2/6/2014 The Interview Director,
Story Creator 
$6,105,175 $6,237,457 $12,342,632
6/12/2013 This is the End Story Creator,
$101,470,202 $25,068,915 $126,539,117
12/19/2012 The Guilt Trip Producer $37,134,215 $4,160,459 $41,294,674
7/27/2012 The Watch Screenwriter $34,353,000 $33,000,000 $67,353,000
2/24/2012 Goon Screenwriter $4,164,911 $2,853,692 $7,018,603
9/30/2011 50/50 Producer $35,014,192 $6,318,617 $41,332,809
1/14/2011 The Green Hornet Screenwriter,
Executive Producer 
$98,780,042 $130,375,461 $229,155,503
7/31/2009 Funny People Executive Producer $51,855,045 $20,025,260 $71,880,305
8/6/2008 The Pineapple Express Story Creator,
Executive Producer 
$87,341,380 $15,062,639 $102,404,019
8/17/2007 Superbad Executive Producer,
$121,463,226 $48,491,916 $169,955,142
6/1/2007 Knocked Up Executive Producer $148,761,765 $70,504,187 $219,265,952
Movies: 18Totals:$957,905,898$528,497,958$1,486,403,856