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Will Arnett

Best known as a Supporting Actor based on credits in that role in 16 films, with $3,608,576,871 worldwide aggregate box office (rank #165)
Best-Known Acting Roles: Batman (The Lego Movie), Mr. Perkins (Despicable Me), Vern Fenwick (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), The Missing Link (Monsters vs. Aliens), Horst (Ratatouille)
Best-Known Technical Roles: Mansome (Executive Producer)
Most productive collaborators: Will Ferrell, Christopher Miller, Phil Lord, Chris Pratt, Chris Renaud

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Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
As an ActorSupporting16$1,532,990,424$2,075,586,447$3,608,576,871
Lead Ensemble Member1$257,784,718$199,944,670$457,729,388
In Technical RolesExecutive Producer1$18,395$0$18,395

DVD and Blu-ray Releases for August 19th, 2014

August 19th, 2014

There are a number of big releases on this week's list, especially if you like TV on DVD. However, there are not a lot of releases in total. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is the biggest release by a wide margin, but it is not the best. For that honor, I would have to chose Boardwalk Empire: Season 4 on Blu-ray. More...

Featured Blu-ray / DVD Review: The Nut Job

April 13th, 2014

The Nut Job opened earlier this year and was a surprise hit more than doubling its production budget domestically. It did so well that a sequel is already in the works. Is this a good movie? Is it merely good enough for a kids movie? Or did it thrive because there wasn't a lot of competition when it opened? More...

2014 Preview: January

January 1st, 2014

Jack Ryan poster

It's the first month of the new year, but the biggest hit might be a film released in December. Last month ended on a slow note with all five Christmas day releases failing to become hits, some more than others. (It's a little too soon to tell if The Wolf of Wall Street or The Secret Life of Walter Mitty will do well enough to break even any time soon, but neither is a serious hit.) There are still some December releases that will likely remain on the charts through the opening weekends of January, while there are some films that opened in limited release last month with a scheduled wide release this month. Of the purely January releases, I would guess Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit will be the biggest hit. Even then, it won't live up to the previous films in the franchise, even if you don't take inflation into account. Most of the rest of the new releases will be happy if they can become midlevel hits. Last January was led by Mama, which earned more than $70 million. I think Shadow Recruit will top that figure at the box office, while there are a similar number of likely box office bombs opening this year as there were last year. 2014 could start out ahead of 2013's pace, but it likely won't be a huge difference either way. More...

Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
2/10/2017 The Lego Batman Movie Batman  $0 $0 $0
6/3/2016 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of …   $0 $0 $0
8/8/2014 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vern Fenwick  $191,204,754 $293,800,000 $485,004,754
2/7/2014 The Lego Movie Batman  $257,784,718 $199,944,670 $457,729,388
1/17/2014 The Nut Job Surly Squirrel  $64,251,538 $58,278,428 $122,529,966
5/18/2012 Mansome Himself  $18,395 $0 $18,395
2/17/2012 The Secret World of Arietty Pod  $19,192,510 $129,000,000 $148,192,510
7/9/2010 Despicable Me Mr. Perkins  $251,513,985 $291,981,048 $543,495,033
6/18/2010 Jonah Hex Lieutenant Grass  $10,547,117 $475,579 $11,022,696
1/29/2010 When in Rome   $32,680,633 $11,116,304 $43,796,937
9/25/2009 Brief Interviews with Hideous Men   $33,745 $0 $33,745
7/24/2009 G-Force Kip Killian  $119,436,770 $173,381,071 $292,817,841
3/27/2009 Monsters vs. Aliens The Missing Link  $198,351,526 $183,335,854 $381,687,380
12/31/2008 Spring Breakdown Ted  $0 $0 $0
8/20/2008 The Rocker Lex  $6,409,528 $2,357,810 $8,767,338
3/14/2008 Horton Hears a Who Vlad Vladikoff  $154,529,439 $144,948,447 $299,477,886
2/29/2008 Semi-Pro Lou Redwood  $33,479,698 $10,500,665 $43,980,363
10/19/2007 Wristcutters: A Love Story Messiah  $446,165 $27,604 $473,769
9/7/2007 The Brothers Solomon John Solomon  $900,926 $0 $900,926
8/3/2007 Hot Rod Jonathan  $13,938,332 $396,069 $14,334,401
6/29/2007 Ratatouille Horst  $206,445,654 $420,104,041 $626,549,695
4/6/2007 Grindhouse Announcer (segement "Don't")  $25,031,037 $25,156,752 $50,187,789
3/30/2007 Blades of Glory Stranz Van Waldenberg  $118,594,548 $27,000,000 $145,594,548
11/17/2006 Let's Go to Prison Nelson Biederman IV  $4,630,045 $0 $4,630,045
6/23/2006 The Great New Wonderful Danny  $150,142 $0 $150,142
4/28/2006 R.V. Todd  $71,724,497 $15,800,000 $87,524,497
3/31/2006 Ice Age: The Meltdown Lone Gunslinger Vulture  $195,330,621 $456,568,661 $651,899,282
5/13/2005 Monster-in-Law Kit  $82,931,301 $73,000,000 $155,931,301
3/2/2001 Series 7: The Contenders Narrator  $171,478 $0 $171,478
Movies: 29Totals:$2,059,729,102$2,517,173,003$4,576,902,105
Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
5/18/2012 Mansome Executive Producer $18,395 $0 $18,395
Movies: 1Totals:$18,395$0$18,395