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Alex D. Linz

Best known as a Supporting Actor based on credits in that role in 3 films, with $708,072,531 worldwide aggregate box office (rank #3,931)
Best-Known Acting Roles: Young Tarzan (Tarzan), Voice of Young Dolarhyde (Red Dragon), Scott Janello (Bounce), Yong Cale (Titan A.E.), Max Keeble (Max Keeble's Big Move)
Most productive collaborators: Brian Blessed, Kevin Lima, Tony Goldwyn, Glenn Close, Chirs Buck

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Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
As an ActorSupporting3$300,852,527$407,220,004$708,072,531

Featured Blu-ray Review: Tarzan

August 10th, 2014

By the time Tarzan came out, Disney's animation studio was off its recent peak and had been overtaken by Pixar as the king of animated films. Tarzan did manage to open in first place, but it was the most expensive animated film of all time when it came out, while its box office numbers were only good in comparison. Now that the film is coming out on Blu-ray, is it worth picking up? More...

Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
10/4/2002 Red Dragon Voice of Young Dolarhyde  $92,955,420 $113,500,000 $206,455,420
10/5/2001 Max Keeble's Big Move Max Keeble  $17,292,381 $0 $17,292,381
11/17/2000 Bounce Scott Janello  $36,805,288 $16,620,004 $53,425,292
6/16/2000 Titan A.E. Yong Cale  $22,751,979 $14,000,000 $36,751,979
6/16/1999 Tarzan Young Tarzan  $171,091,819 $277,100,000 $448,191,819
Movies: 5Totals:$340,896,887$421,220,004$762,116,891