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Movies Produced by United States and Released in 1935

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The list below includes all films produced by United States production companies, including international co-productions.

Note: Since we are still actively researching production countries, we consider this chart to be in beta mode. While we make every effort to collect all available data, there are inevitably omissions and errors. Please help us by sending corrections to

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Box Office
to Date
Top Hat United States $609,000 $3,202,000  
Vagabond Lady United States Comedy   $0  
No More Ladies United States Comedy   $0  
Whipsaw United States Drama   $0  
The Last Outpost United States Thriller/Suspense   $0  
Bride of Frankenstein United States Horror   $0  
Call of the Wild United States Drama   $0  
A Tale of Two Cities United States Drama   $0  
Broadway Hostess United States Musical   $0  
Calm Yourself United States Romantic Comedy   $0  
Baby Face Harrington United States Comedy   $0