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Box Office Records > Domestic > Limited Release Movies > Weekend > Biggest 98th Weekend Limited Release

Biggest 98th Weekend at the Domestic Box Office for Limited Release Movies

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This chart contains figures for the biggest 98th Weekends at the Domestic Box Office for Limited Release Movies.

Biggest 97th Weekend Limited Release Biggest 99th Weekend Limited Release
Rank Date Movie Gross Theaters Per
1 Aug 14, 2009 Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure $22,504 8 $2,813 $21,952,009
2 Dec 13, 2002 Merci Pour Le Chocolat $4,094 6 $682 $425,104
3 Sep 27, 2002 Destinees Sentimentales, Les $2,753 2 $1,377 $311,651
4 Aug 28, 2009 Local Color $2,476 2 $1,238 $37,937
5 Mar 17, 2006 Wasabi Tuna $402 1 $402 $50,660

The Domestic Market is defined as the North American movie territory (consisting of the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Guam).

Note: the records on this page only consider movies that were initially released in less than 1,000 theaters and did not have any expansion of more than 1,000 theaters in one week. We only consider movies that were released in 1995 or later, and do not consider movies that only had an IMAX release.

This table is updated daily to reflect the latest studio reports.

Note: This chart is not adjusted for inflation.