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Argentina Box Office for Brooklyn (2015)

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Brooklyn poster
Theatrical Performance (US$)
Argentina Box Office $248,283Details
Worldwide Box Office $62,076,141Details
Home Market Performance
North America DVD Sales $3,480,941 Details
North America Blu-ray Sales $1,258,391 Details
Total North America Video Sales $4,739,332
Further financial details...

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Lured by the promise of America, Eilis Lacey departs Ireland and the comfort of her mother’s home for the shores of New York City. The initial shackles of homesickness quickly diminish as a fresh romance sweeps Eilis into the intoxicating charm of love. But soon, her new vivacity is disrupted by her past, and Eilis must choose between two countries and the lives that exist within.


Movie Details

Production Budget:$11,000,000
Argentina Releases: February 18th, 2016 (Wide)
Video Release: February 23rd, 2016 by Fox Home Entertainment
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for a scene of sexuality and brief strong language.
(Rating bulletin 2365, 3/18/2015)
Running Time: 113 minutes
Keywords: 2016 Oscars Best Picture Nominee, 1950s, New York City, Brooklyn, Coney Island, Death of a Son or Daughter, Death of a Sibling, Widow/Widower, Immigration, Christmas in November, Teachers, Voiceover/Narration, Love Triangle, Ellis Island, Prologue, Sales Clerk
Source:Based on Fiction Book/Short Story
Production Method:Live Action
Creative Type:Historical Fiction
Production Companies: Wildgaze Films, Finola Dwyer Productions, Parallel Films, Item 7, Ingenious Media, Bai Rte, HanWay Films, BBC Films, Telefilm Canada, Irish Film Board, Sodec, BFI
Production Countries: Canada,
United Kingdom

Home Market Releases for March 15th, 2016

March 15th, 2016

Game of Thrones: Season Five

There are several top-notch releases coming out this week, including a trio of Awards Season contenders: The Big Short, Brooklyn, and Carol. All three are Pick of the Week contenders. However, the winner of that title is Game of Thrones: Season Five on Blu-ray. More...

2015 Awards Season: Oscar Preview

February 28th, 2016

The Revenant

It’s Oscar day and, if all goes to plan, I will be live-blogging the ceremony tonight. Here is the list of nominees marked according to predictions from our readers, and my personal wishes. Nominees in Bold are the ones predicted to win by our readers (we’ll have a full rundown of the predictions at noon, after the contest ends). If I am predicting a different film, those are in Italics. Meanwhile, the nominees I want to win, but don’t think will win, are Underlined. There are a few categories where the film I really think deserves the award was not even nominated, plus a few I don’t have a real opinion on.

If you haven’t done so already, it’s not too late to enter our Oscar competition, and win all Best Picture nominees on Blu-ray or DVD. More...

2015 Awards Season: Oscar Highlight: Best Picture

February 27th, 2016

The Revenant

With our annual Oscar Prediction contest closing at noon tomorrow, now is the best time to look at the nominees and try to figure out who the favorites are and which films should just feel honored to be nominated. This morning, we get to the final category, Best Picture. The film I think should win, Inside Out, wasn't even nominated. Of the movies on this list, I think The Martian is the best. If you look at the odds makers, it isn’t even in the top three. I’m going to be doubly disappointed tomorrow. More...

2015 Awards Season: Oscar Highlight: Best Lead Actress

February 26th, 2016


With our annual Oscar Prediction contest underway, now is the best time to look at the nominees and try and figure out who the favorites are and which films should just feel honored to be nominated. The Best Lead Actress is not generating a lot of buzz, but one actress has been constantly winning and is the overwhelming favorite. More...

Home Market Releases for February 23rd, 2016

February 23rd, 2016

The Big Sleep

It's not a great week on the home market. The Good Dinosaur is the biggest release this week, but it is the only wide release of note. Spotlight started out in limited release, but while it expanded significantly, it never expanded truly wide. As for the Pick of the Week, I'm going with the Bogart / Bacall Blu-ray Double-Shot: The Big Sleep and Key Largo.

On a side note, it is another short list this week, because Amazon continues to be run by morons. I tried to get help from chat, but that wasn't very successful. I "talked" to four people without getting an answer. Two of which logged in and then logged out without saying a thing. One logged in, introduced themselves, then logged out when I asked a question. I tried through e-mail, but a week later and no reply. I have a phone number for press and I will try that once the Oscars are over and I'm not overwhelmed with work. More...

2015 Awards Season: Oscar Highlight: Best Adapted Screenplay

February 20th, 2016

The Big Short

With our annual Oscar Prediction contest underway, now is the best time to look at the nominees and try and figure out who the favorites are and which films should just feel honored to be nominated. The Best Adapted Screenplay category is about as competitive as the Best Original Screenplay, which is to say it isn't competitive at all. More...

2015 - Awards Season: BAFTA - Winners - Revenant and Mad Max Lead the Way

February 15th, 2016

The Revenant

The BAFTA awards were handed out over the weekend. There were two main winners, The Revenant, which won most of its five awards in the high-prestige categories, and Mad Max: Fury Road, which earn all four of its awards in technical categories. It appears the Oscars will be very similar in that breakdown. More...

2015 Awards Season: Oscars - Nominations

January 15th, 2016

The Revenant

The Oscar nominations were announced at 5:30 am Pacific time. Nothing is good that early in the morning. Worse still, this was a terrible year for snubs, especially when it comes to diversity of the nominees. The voters for the Oscars are 94% white and 77% male... but that's still more diverse than the list of nominees. The Revenant led the way with 12 nominations and it is expected to win a few of those, while it is a serious contender in most of the categories it was nominated in. More...

2015 - Awards Season: BAFTA - Nominations

January 9th, 2016

Bridge of Spies

The BAFTA nominations were announced and you can read them on their site... in alphabetical order. Alphabetical order is very useful in most circumstances, but not here. On the other hand, the nominees within each category are not presented in alphabetical order. ... Are the BAFTAs trolling us? As for the actual nominees, the big winners here are Bridge of Spies and Carol, both of which earned nine nominations. For Carol, this is just another impressive score, but this was a pleasant surprise for Bridge of Spies. More...

Theater Averages: Revenant Remains Potent with Average of $111,957

January 5th, 2016

The Revenant

The Revenant remained on top of the theater average chart dipping just 6% to an average of $111,957 in four theaters. That's amazing and it bodes very well for its chances during its wide expansion this weekend. Furthermore, there are some major Awards Season events this week that could boost ticket sales even more. Anomalisa was well back in second place, but it still had an impressive opening with an average of $33,806 over the weekend and an average of $52,658 during its five-day opening. Star Wars: The Force Awakens was next with an average of $21,829. Chimes at Midnight earned $20,480 in one theater during its re-release, while Only Yesterday earned $14,970, also in one theater. The latter film is yet another success for GKIDS; this is the only studio that routinely has success with animated films in limited release. 45 Years remained in the $10,000 club with an average of $14,588 in six theaters. It doubled its theater count, but the average only fell 33% and that's a great sign for further expansion. Mr. Six is the fourth holdover in the $10,000 club earning an average of $10,406 in 28 theaters. More...

Theater Averages: Star Wars Set Another Records with $59,982

December 22nd, 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars: The Force Awakens led the way on the theater average chart and broke the record for highest theater average for a wide release. Its average was $59,982, which is the fifth best opening theater average this year. This is just ahead of Ex Machina and just behind Carol. The Big Short fell 46% to $47,286. A 46% drop-off is bad news for a limited release most of the time, but The Force Awakens hurt all of the holdovers and I'm still bullish on its box office chances for its Wednesday expansion. Carol remained in the $10,000 for the fifth week in a row, this time earning an average of $14,446 in 16 theaters. Mojin: The Lost Legend opened with an average of $12,726 in 22 theaters, while Son of Saul was right behind with an average of $12,643. More...

2015 - Awards Season: Golden Globes - Nominations

December 10th, 2015


The Golden Globes nominations were announced this morning and we are already beginning to see a trend for this year's Awards Season. For the most part, the same films are coming up over and over again. Carol led the way with five awards, while there was a three-way tie for second place with The Big Short, The Revenant and Steve Jobs each picking up four. More...

2015 Awards Season: SAG Nominations

December 9th, 2015


The Screen Actors Guild nominations were announced today and there are at least a few surprises to talk about. Trumbo led the way with three nominations, but there were six films with two nods apiece. Six!


Per Theater Chart: Carol Completes the Hat-trick

December 8th, 2015


For the third weekend in a row, Carol earned first place on the per theater chart, this time with an average of $36,281. It is still playing in only four theaters, which is a huge mistake in my mind. It really should have expanded by now. The Danish Girl remained in second place with an average of $26,089, also in four theaters. It too should expand. The best new release was Youth, which opened with an average of $19,521, again in four theaters. Macbeth was playing in five theaters and earned an average of $13,967. Hitchcock/Truffaut opened with an average of $9,393 in three theaters over the weekend, but it was a Wednesday release. Its five-day average was $11,927. More...

Per Theater Chart: Carol's Second Verse is the Same as the First

December 1st, 2015


Carol remained in first place on the per theater chart with an average of $49,443 in four theaters. This is 22% lower than the film's opening weekend average, which isn't bad for a limited release. The Danish Girl opened in a close second place with $46,830, also in four theaters. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 earned first place on the overall chart and third place on the per theater chart with an average of $12,456. Janis: Little Girl Blue earned an average of $10,931 in two theaters, which is great for a documentary. The second wide release in the $10,000 club was The Good Dinosaur with an average of $10,444. More...

Per Theater Chart: Carol Sings a Joyful Tune

November 24th, 2015


Carol had a festive opening earning just over $250,000 in four theaters for an average of $63,378. That's the third best average for an opening this year, just ahead of Ex Machina and just behind Sicario. The overall box office leader, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2, was next with an average of $24,591. Legend was next with an average of $21,709 in four theaters. That's a good start, but its reviews suggest not so good legs. Speaking of long legs, Brooklyn remained in the $10,000 for the third week in a row earning an average of $10,270 in just over 100 theaters. More...

Weekend Estimates: Mockingjay Tops $100 Million, But Only Just

November 22nd, 2015

Mockingjay Part 2

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay—Part 2 is about to record the most disappointing $100 million weekend ever, based on Sunday’s estimate from Lionsgate. Why disappointing? Because its $101.025 million projected opening follows the $158 million earned by Catching Fire on this weekend in 2013 (then the sixth-biggest weekend ever), and the $122 million debut of Mockingjay—Part 1 this weekend last year. That marks a decline of 20% or so from one installment of the franchise to the next, which is the worst performance of any franchise to have recorded a $100 million start. Global numbers tell a similar story: $247 million this weekend against Part 1’s $275 million. However, once we get that troubling statistic out the way, this is also a reason for celebration: $100 million domestically and $250 million globally in one weekend is still a huge amount of money, and caps a spectacularly successful franchise for Lionsgate. More...

Per Theater Chart: James Can't Take the Spotlight

November 17th, 2015

James White

There was only one new release in the $10,000 club and it had to settle for third place on the per theater chart. This left Spotlight in first place with an average of $22,561 in 60 theaters. This is a great result for a film expanding from five to 60 theaters. Brooklyn also expanded, going from five theaters to 23 theaters, while its per theater average remained strong with an average of $20,868. James White was the only new release in the $10,000 club debuting with $12,007 in its lone theater. More...

Weekend Estimates: Spectre Set to Be Number Two Bond

November 15th, 2015


Sony are predicting a decline of just 50% for Spectre in its second weekend in theaters, putting James Bond’s latest incarnation on track for a final domestic box office in the neighborhood of $200 million. While well short of Skyfall’s $304 million, it welcome news for a film that’s probably right on the bubble as far as profitability is concerned. More...

Per Theater Chart: Spotlight Shines Bright

November 10th, 2015


It was a busy week on the per theater chart with seven films in the $10,000 club. Spotlight led the way with an average of $59,002 in five theaters. This is the fourth best opening weekend average of 2015, just ahead of While We're Young and just behind Ex Machina. Brooklyn was next with an average of $37,456, also in five theaters. It opened on Wednesday, so its weekend average was a little lower than it otherwise would have been. The overall number one film, Spectre, was third with an average of $17,919. In Jackson Heights was on the opposite end of the scale playing in just one theater. It did well with an opening of $15,150. Trumbo was very close behind with an average of $14,835 in five theaters. Its reviews suggest it won't expand significantly, but this is a great start. The second wide release of the week was The Peanuts Movie, which opened with an average of $11,345. The final film in the $10,000 club was Peggy Guggenheim - Art Addict, which earned an average of $11,129 in two theaters. More...

Weekend Estimates: Spectre Misses Record, Peanuts Opens Strong

November 8th, 2015


After a great night on Thursday and a very good day on Friday, Spectre has faded a bit over the weekend. After posting $28 million on Friday, the film was down about 4% on Saturday to $26.5 million, and Sony is projecting a weekend total of $73 million. Even that number may be a shade high, and it falls well behind the $80 million that looked on the cards earlier in the weekend, and even further behind Skyfall’s franchise-record $88.4 million opening. While by any measure it’s a great debut, the final number does prompt the question: what went wrong over the weekend? More...

Limited and VOD Releases: Shining a Spotlight on Limited Releases

November 6th, 2015


It is a short list this week, due to technical considerations. However, there are seven films here that are earning good reviews and some measure of pre-release buzz. The film with the best shot at mainstream success is Brooklyn (Reviews). It isn't the only film that could succeed, as Spotlight, Trumbo, and the rest could also find receptive audiences during Awards Season. More...

Because some of our sources provide box office data in their local currency, while we use USD in the graph above and table below, exchange rate fluctuations can have effect on the data causing stronger increases or even decreases of the cumulative box office.

Weekend Box Office Performance

DateRankGross% ChangeTheatersPer TheaterTotal GrossWeek
2016/02/26 6 $88,659   24 $3,694   $89,056 2
2016/03/04 9 $50,205 -43% 19 $2,642   $163,072 3
2016/03/11 9 $31,126 -38% 16 $1,945   $205,884 4
2016/03/18 8 $15,900 -49% 10 $1,590   $229,097 5
2016/03/25 9 $8,392 -47% 4 $2,098   $241,089 6
2016/04/01 14 $4,164 -50% 3 $1,388   $246,859 7
2016/04/08 17 $658 -84% 1 $658   $248,283 8

Box Office Summary Per Territory

Territory Release
Box Office
Argentina 2/18/2016 $0 0 24 77 $248,283 4/12/2016
Australia 12/18/2015 $2,191 1 212 1397 $4,414,212 6/27/2016
Austria 1/22/2016 $15,946 11 12 74 $122,517 6/9/2016
Belgium 2/24/2016 $28,718 5 7 35 $111,019 6/9/2016
Brazil 2/11/2016 $156,178 86 86 218 $363,651 6/9/2016
Central America 2/18/2016 $28,887 26 26 38 $51,470 3/15/2016
Chile 2/18/2016 $0 0 8 12 $31,860 3/15/2016
Colombia 2/25/2016 $21,857 26 26 26 $21,857 3/1/2016
Croatia 3/3/2016 $10,373 31 31 93 $23,002 3/22/2016
Czech Republic 2/25/2016 $0 0 18 27 $31,998 3/31/2016
Denmark 2/11/2016 $49,148 32 32 45 $273,936 6/9/2016
Finland 2/26/2016 $18,560 13 13 13 $18,703 6/9/2016
Germany 1/21/2016 $215,367 92 117 699 $1,367,620 6/9/2016
Greece 12/31/2015 $25,136 10 10 10 $25,136 9/5/2016
Hong Kong 3/10/2016 $28,515 14 14 21 $67,008 6/9/2016
Hungary 2/4/2016 $0 0 14 14 $38,007 2/17/2016
Israel 2/4/2016 $84,085 14 18 168 $833,959 4/19/2016
Italy 3/17/2016 $231,765 169 169 320 $567,198 6/9/2016
Lebanon 2/25/2016 $3,192 2 2 4 $18,725 3/15/2016
Mexico 2/5/2016 $0 0 102 107 $626,214 6/9/2016
Netherlands 3/17/2016 $111,151 38 40 154 $495,376 6/9/2016
New Zealand 1/22/2016 $88,060 42 54 551 $910,400 6/9/2016
North America 11/4/2015 $187,281 5 962 9836 $38,322,743 6/10/2016
Peru 1/28/2016 $21,113 14 14 25 $44,004 2/23/2016
Portugal 1/14/2016 $44,936 23 23 107 $160,425 6/9/2016
Serbia and Montenegro 3/17/2016 $0 0 4 5 $15,979 4/12/2016
Singapore 2/18/2016 $21,556 8 8 19 $59,906 6/9/2016
Slovenia 2/4/2016 $0 0 4 12 $10,838 6/9/2016
South Korea 4/21/2016 $57,780 40 40 147 $336,637 6/9/2016
Spain 2/26/2016 $495,706 116 161 645 $1,908,362 8/11/2016
Sweden 2/26/2016 $51,748 32 42 113 $212,990 6/9/2016
Taiwan 1/15/2016 $10,281 9 9 28 $39,194 6/9/2016
Turkey 4/29/2016 $17,129 55 55 75 $44,670 5/20/2016
United Kingdom 11/6/2015 $1,569,372 308 434 2405 $8,584,376 6/8/2016
Uruguay 2/18/2016 $13,690 6 22 53 $55,999 4/5/2016
Rest of World $1,617,867
Worldwide Total$62,076,141 9/5/2016

Full financial estimates for this film, including domestic and international box office, video sales, video rentals, TV and ancillary revenue are available through our research services. For more information, please contact us at

Leading Cast

   Jim Farrell

Supporting Cast

Julie Walters    Mrs. Kehoe
Jim Broadbent    Father Flood
Father Matt Glynn*    Priest
Maeve McGrath    Mary
Emma Lowe    Mrs. Brady
Barbara Drennan    Shabby Woman
Gillian McCarthy    Timid Woman
Fiona Glascott    Rose
Jane Brennan    Mary Lacey
Eileen O'Higgins    Nancy
Peter Campion    George Sheridan
Eva Birthistle    Georgina
James Corscadden    Ship Waiter
Emily Bett Rickards    Patty
Eve Macklin    Diana
Nora-Jane Noone    Sheila
Mary O'Driscoll    Miss McAdam
Samantha Munro    Dorothy
Jane Wheeler    Bartocci Customer #1
Jessica Pare    Miss Fortini
Adrien Benn    Diner Waiter
Al Goulem    Mr. Rosenblum
Max Walker    Young Man
Iarla O'Lionaird    Frankie Doran
Jenn Murray    Dolores
Ellis Rockburn    Young Man at Dance
Erika Rosenbaum    Bartocci Customer #2
Ellen David    Mrs. Fiorello
Christian De La Cortina    Laurenzio
Paulino Nunes    Mr. Fiorello
James Digiacomo    Frankie Fiorello
Michael Zegen    Maurizio
Tadhg McMahon    Boy's Father
Hudson LeBlanc    Boy at City Hall
Paul Stewart    City Hall Official
Niamh McCann    Maria
Denis Conway    Mr. Brown
Karen Ardiff    Mrs. Farrell
Gary Lydon    Mr. Farrell
Aine Ni Mhuiri    Mrs. Byrne
Mella Carron    Girl on Deck

For a description of the different acting role types we use to categorize acting perfomances, see our Glossary.

Production and Technical Credits

Finola Dwyer    Producer
Amanda Posey    Producer
Nick Hornby    Screenwriter
Colm Toibin    Based on the novel by
Pierre Even    Co-Producer
Marie Claude Poulin    Co-Producer
Christine Langan    Executive Producer
Beth Pattinson    Executive Producer
Thorsten Schumacher    Executive Producer
Zygi Kamasa    Executive Producer
Hussain Amarshi    Executive Producer
Alan Moloney    Executive Producer
Yves Belanger    Director of Photography
Francois Seguin    Production Designer
Jake Roberts    Editor
Michael Brook    Composer
Odile Dicks-Mireaux    Costume Designer
Morna Ferguson    Make up
Lorraine Glynn    Hairstylist
Kle Savidge    Music Supervisor
Glenn Freemantle    Sound Designer
Glenn Freemantle    Supervising Sound Editor
Caroline Levy    Line Producer
Fiona Weir    Casting Director
Charlie Watson    First Assistant Director
Polly Duval    Post-Production Supervisor
Yann McCullough    Music Editor
Rowena Ladbury    Script Supervisor
Barry O'Sullivan    Sound Mixer
Irene O’Brien    Art Director
Robert Parle    Art Director
Lea Morement    First Assistant Editor
Mark Heslop    Sound Effects Editor
Dillon Bennett    Sound Effects Editor
Gillian Dodders    Supervising Dialogue Editor
Ian Morgan    Dialogue Editor
Emilie O'Connor    Dialogue Editor
Ian Tapp    Re-recording Mixer
Adam Scrivener    Re-recording Mixer
Andy Clarke    Visual Effects Supervisor
Gary Brown    Visual Effects Supervisor
Ciaran Crowley    Executive Visual Effects Producer
Ciara Gillan    Visual Effects Producer

The bold credits above the line are the "above-the-line" credits, the other the "below-the-line" credits.