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Movie Comparison: Logan (2017) vs. Deadpool (2016)

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Domestic Release Date Mar 3, 2017Feb 12, 2016
Production Budget $127,000,000$58,000,000
Opening Weekend Theaters 4,0713,558
Maximum Theaters 4,0713,856
Theatrical Engagements 23,36529,582
Domestic Opening Weekend $88,411,916$132,434,639
Domestic Box Office $226,277,068$363,070,709
Inflation Adjusted
Domestic Box Office
International Box Office $389,199,897$437,958,540
Worldwide Box Office $615,476,965$801,029,249

Note: A theatrical engagement is defined as the movie playing in a single theater for one week. So, for example, a film that plays in 3,000 theaters in its first week and 2,000 theaters in its second week will have had 5,000 theatrical engagements.