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Keywords > Watching a Fictionalized Version of Yourself

"Watching a Fictionalized Version of Yourself" Movies

These are movies in which characters watch a fictionalized version of themselves, either on TV, or in a movie, or in a play. Sometimes this character is based on a real person, which adds another level.

Release DateTitleOpening WeekendDomestic Box OfficeWorldwide Box OfficeProduction Budget
3/10/1989 The Adventures of Baron Munchausen   $8,040,008 $8,040,008  
3/2/2007 Zodiac $13,395,610 $33,080,084 $83,080,084 $85,000,000
7/17/2015 Mr. Holmes $2,434,908 $17,737,646 $28,496,982