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Home Market Numbers: Fury and Downton Lead Home Market to Victory

February 14th, 2015

It was a great week on the home market as the new releases like Fury helped the overall market grow in nearly every regard. In fact, it had double-digit growth in six of the eight metrics. Blu-ray sales were 18% higher than last week in terms of units and 20% higher in terms of revenue. Compared to last year, 35% more units were sold and 31% more revenue was generated. DVD sales were a little stronger, so the overall Blu-ray share slipped to 42%, but that's still strong.

DVD sales were even stronger when compared to last week up 28% in terms of units and 49% in terms of revenue. However, they were flat compared to last year up 2.4% in terms of units, but down 2.7% in terms of revenue.

John Wick is the biggest new release for next week. However, while it was a great movie, I don't think it will sell very well on the home market. On the other hand, last year's new releases were led by Escape Plan, which couldn't even manage first place on the Blu-ray sales chart. Looks like 2015 will continue its winning streak.


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