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Featured TV on DVD Review: Doc McStuffins: Mobile Clinic

March 16th, 2014

Doc McStuffins: Mobile Clinic - Buy from Amazon

This is the third Doc McStuffins DVD I've gotten the chance to review. I've enjoyed the other two and I think they are above the usual offerings for preschool kids. What episodes are on Mobile Clinic? And is the overall value still strong?

The Show

  1. Doc McStuffins goes McMobile
    While Doc is at the park, she meets a little girl, Matty, whose toy is broken. Unfortunately, she doesn't have enough parts, so she can't fix it. She asks her father to make a mobile clinic so she can help toys away from her main clinic.
  2. Chip Off The Ol' Box
    The gang is having a birthday party for one of the toys, but there is a problem with the entertainment. The father - son Jack in the Boxes were going to juggle, but the father, Big Jack, hurt himself, so he can't perform.
  3. Doc To The Rescue
    Dress-Up Daisy got stuck in a tree after her owner put on her parachute outfit and played too close to a tree. She contacts Doc McStuffin through her McMobile Clinic and Doc comes right over, but she's a difficult person to rescue. She's panicking and hurting herself.
  4. Don't Knock The Noggin
    While in a park, the gang sees a Super Stuntman Steve. However, when he loses his helmet, he can't do stunts anymore. Doc tries to help.
  5. Out Of The Box
    We meet Big Jack and Little Jack again, but this time it is Little Jack that can't pop. Little Jack needs a check up, but he's too scared. After a couple of ideas, Doc checks out Big Jack first, just to show Little Jack there's nothing to be afraid of.
  6. Run Down Race Car
    Doc and Donny are racing with Donny's race car set, but Ricardo, his fastest car, loses. Donny is really upset, because he has a big race with his friend, Luca. Step one in fixing Ricardo is convincing him he has a problem.
  7. Rescue Ronda, Ready For Takeoff
    Luca, Donny's friend, comes by with a Rescue Ronda. It's good timing, because Chilly got stuck in the basketball net. However, Donny and Luca argue about who should fly Ronda and soon there's a crash.
  8. All Washed Up
    Donny's toy, Robot Ray, goes in the water and shuts down. When Doc gets the water out, he reactivates, but is he okay?
  9. Rest Your Rotors, Ronda!
    Rescue Ronda is back. After Stuffy gets stuck on the roof of the clinic, Ronda rescues him but damages one of her rotors. Doc is able to fix it, but Ronda will have to rest her rotors, and she's not good at resting.
  10. Keep On Truckin'
    Donny gets a new toy truck, Tremaine, but when his paint job gets messed up, Doc tries to help out. Tremaine needs to stay still long enough to be painted and that's a problem for him.

The Extras

There are no extras on the DVD itself, but it does come with a Doc McStuffins bag.

The Verdict

Doc McStuffins Mobile Clinic has five episodes, each split into two parts, plus a bag to carry some toys in, which is good value for the money.

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