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Featured TV on DVD Review: Power Rangers: Megaforce: Ultra Defenders

June 14th, 2014

Power Rangers: Megaforce: Ultra Defenders - Buy from Amazon

I've previously reviewed a couple of DVDs from Power Rangers: Megaforce and thought it was one of the best installments in the franchise. The latest DVD is Ultra Defenders. What episodes are here? And is the DVD worth the price?

The Show

  1. Dream Snatchers
    The gang is setting up to watch the meteorite shower and Emma mentions she plans to wish on the shooting stars and has a long list of wishes to make. Meanwhile, Vrak shows off his Aurora Box, a device that can increase a monster's strength one-hundred fold and turn them into an unstoppable force. At first, Bigs wants to use it on himself, but once he feels the power, he decides a test run is wiser. They pick Dream Snatcher, a monster that can eat the dreams of sleeping people. When powered up, he can eat the dreams of those who are awake, who then pass out and grow roots.
  2. Gosei Ultimate
    After a successful test run of the Aurora Box, Bigs and Bluefur infuse the box with the same green slime that turned them into mutants. Meanwhile, Gosei is working on a new Zord to defeat the power of the Aurora Box.
  3. The Human Factor
    After defeating Bigs and Bluefur in the last episode, the gang is relaxing with the guys playing soccer and Emma and Gia talking about how great it is to be in a team and how they have to work hard to protect the Earth. Meanwhile, in his underwater lab, Vrak has created a new villain, Metal Alice, the leader of his new robot army. But instead of attacking the Power Rangers herself, she creates a new robot, Rotox to test the Power Rangers.
  4. Rico the Robot
    Malkor mentions the Armada is nearly at Earth and he and Vrak need to defeat the Power Rangers before that happens. Malkor cocoons himself to grow in power. In the meantime, Vrak uses this time to try and usurp Malkor's power. Metal Alice attacks the Power Rangers directly using Robot 1C0. When ordered to attack, it doesn't. When the Power Rangers attack Metal Alice, she uses him as a shield and escapes. At first the Robo Knight wants to destroy the robot, but Emma and Gia realize it is different than the others and adopt it calling it Rico.

The Extras

The only extra on the DVD is a character gallery.

The Verdict

Power Rangers: Megaforce remains one of the better installments in the franchise. The acting is better than most other installments, as are the fights and the special effects. The Ultra Defenders is exactly what you expect from these DVDs, four episodes and little to no extras.

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