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Featured TV on DVD Review: Dora the Explorer: Dora's Magical Sleepover

June 21st, 2014

Dora the Explorer: Dora's Magical Sleepover - Buy from Amazon

The latest DVD from Dora the Explorer is Dora's Magical Sleepover. This franchise has been around for so long, the girl who provided the voice for Dora, Kathleen Herles, turns 24 this year. I don't think I need to explain what the show is, so let's get right to the episodes.

The Show

  1. Dora's Museum Sleepover Adventure
    Dora, Boots, Diego and several other kids are having a sleepover in the museum where her mother works. Her mother tells them a story about one of the paintings, which involves a prince with a magic cape. One day a giant stole his cape and turned him into a lion. When Dora falls asleep, she wakes up in the forest from the painting. She finds the magic cape right away, but needs to return it to the prince.
  2. Dora and Sparky's Riding Adventure
    Dora is helping Sparky, a horse, get better. Sparky loves to run, but is too scared to jump. Dora has to ride Sparky back to its farm, but can Dora get Sparky to jump during the trip?
  3. Dora's Super Soccer Showdown
    Dora, Boots, and the others are in Brazil to play soccer with her friend, Paula, in The Big Cup. Dora and Paula's fathers were also soccer players and nearly won The Big Cup, but lost to the Monsters. Now Dora and Paula wish to win where their fathers came up short.

The Extras

There are no extras on the DVD.

The Verdict

Dora the Explorer's Dora's Magical Sleepover is just like the last few DVD releases from the franchise. There are three episodes for $13, which is more expensive on a price-per-minute basis than most similar TV on DVD releases.

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