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Weekend Estimates: Transformers On Cusp of $100 Million Weekend

June 29th, 2014

Transformers: Age of Extinction poster

Transformers: Age of Extinction is set to deliver the year’s biggest weekend, as it performs to sell-out crowds across the country. Paramount is projecting a weekend total of $100 million as of Sunday morning, which honestly seems like a conveniently round number. Perhaps the studio is playing it safe, and the actual weekend number will be a few million over $100 million? Or maybe they’re hoping that announcing a $100 million weekend will help encourage people to theaters today and push the film over the line? Based on the numbers we’re seeing, it looks more like the latter, and we’ll have to wait until Monday to see if Age of Extinction will actually be the first $100 million opener of the year. At the end of the day, it probably doesn’t matter a huge amount: $99 million versus $101 million is a rounding error, and the film has topped $200 million internationally this weekend, which is a great start towards repaying its reported $210 million production budget.

With no other wide releases this weekend, the rest of the top 10 has a familiar look. Think Like a Man Too is down a sharp 64% to $10.4 million in its second weekend. Chef is the strongest holdover, dropping just 3% in its 8th weekend.

In limited release, Weinstein has two big reasons to celebrate. Begin Again will post the best theater average this weekend, opening with close to $150,000 in five locations, for an average just shy of $30,000. Snowpiercer, released under their RADIUS-TWC banner, is shaking off a somewhat troubled domestic debut by posting an impressive $160,000 in eight venues, for an average just over $20,000.

The other limited release reporting so far that will top a $10,000 average is America: Imagine a World Without Her, which is projected to earn $39,000 in three theaters this weekend, for an average of $13,000. By way of comparison, 2016 opened with $31,000 in a single theater in 2012.

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