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Featured TV on DVD Review: Bubble Guppies: Get Ready for School!

July 28th, 2014

Bubble Guppies: Get Ready for School! - Buy from Amazon

The latest Bubble Guppies DVD to find its way to my desk is Get Ready for School!. What episodes are found on the DVD? Are there any extras? And is the overall value worth the asking price?

The Show

  1. Get Ready for School!
    There's a new fish in school, Avi, and he's worried about what will happen. We learn what happens during the first day of school.
  2. Good Morning, Mr. Grumpfish!
    Mr. Grumpfish is the substitute teacher. Mr. Grumpfish doesn't like anything. In an attempt to find something he does like, the kids remember some of their favorite songs. It's basically a clips show.
  3. Good Hair Day!
    It's picture day and lots of people are getting their hair cut. This includes Gil, who is getting his first haircut. Really? Seems too old for that.
  4. Check It Out!
    Gil has to return the library books to the library, but he accidentally puts his library card into the book drop slot. They talk about libraries and books in general.
  5. Construction Psyched!
    Goby and Gil are playing in a sand pit when they see a construction site, but later on Goby can't find his dump truck. While they look for it, they explore the construction site.
  6. The Moon Rocks!
    After Goby looks through a telescope at the moon, he tells the class and they learn about the planets and the moon and the stars and eventually go to a planetarium.

The Extras

There is a short video for Get Ready for School, while there is a pencil case that comes with the DVD.

The Verdict

Bubble Guppies: Get Ready for School! doesn't have a lot of extras on the DVD, only a short music video, but the price-per-minute is low compared to other similar releases and the DVD comes with a pencil case, so the overall value is high.

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