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IMAX: Summer Slump Hits IMAX

July 29th, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy poster

Guardians of the Galaxy opens on IMAX this weekend and hopefully it will be a hit, because the format could use some good news. The second quarter numbers were released last week and there are some troubling signs. For instance, global ticket sales for DMR titles generate $216.0 million during the second quarter of 2014, which was down from the same time period of 2013. Granted, it was down by less than $4 million or just under 2%, which is much better than the overall market was like during the same time period. The average per screen box office fell more dramatically down 15% from $353,300 to $299,800. Obviously IMAX is still going strong and the continuing growth in total IMAX screens is evidence of that, but like non-IMAX theaters, they could really use a monster hit to boost the box office numbers.


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