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Featured TV on DVD Review: Sofia the First: The Enchanted Feast

August 15th, 2014

Sofia the First: The Enchanted Feast - Buy from Amazon

The Enchanted Feast is the fourth DVD release from Sofia the First. This show debuted in late 2012 and was a huge hit right away. I previously reviewed the first release and this week I got to the latest one. It arrived a little late, but was it worth the wait?

The Show

  • The Enchanted Feast
    There is an enchanted feast about to happen in the kingdom and Sofia is very excited. However, Miss Nettle wants to crash the celebration and steal Sofia's Amulet of Avalor. Since this isn't the first time Miss Nettle has tried to steal the Amulet, she has to go in disguised as Sascha, the Sorceress. Sofia figures something isn't quite right, but can't put her finger on it. Meanwhile, everyone else is enchanted by Sascha, especially Cedric, who falls in love.
  • The Buttercups
    Sofia is a member of The Buttercups, which is sort of like the Fireside Girls. They are going on a nature hike, but there's one problem. Sofia's dad, King Roland is a little too overprotective and sends Baileywick, the castle's butler, with her to make sure she doesn't get a scratch. Now Sofia has to prove she can still be a Buttercup, even though she's a princess now.
  • Tea for Too Many
    It's time for one of the princesses to be chosen to host the royal tea party. Sofia used to host these before she was a princess, but they were modest affairs. When she's chosen, Princess Amber wants to help make it bigger and better. Well... bigger anyway.
  • Great Aunt-Venture
    Aunt Tilly shows up and Princess Amber and Prince James are upset, because they wanted to go to the carnival. One of the three kids has to stay with Aunt Tilly, Princess Amber and Prince James really don't want to go, because they think Aunt Tilly is boring. Sofia decides to help, but will Aunt Tilly be as boring as Amber and James thinks she is? Of course not.
  • Two Princesses and a Baby
    Its James and Amber's birthday and Sofia got them a special gift, her favorite pancakes, which James ate before he knew they were their birthday gift. It just the first of a series of problems for Amber, who doesn't like having to share her birthday with James. She goes to Cedric to cast a spell giving her and James different birthdays. Unfortunately, instead of making James two months younger than Amber, he turns James into a child. Amber and Sofia have to babysit James until the spell can be undone.

The Extras

There are no extras on the DVD, but it does come with an enchanted hand mirror.

The Verdict

Sofia the First is one of the better kids shows and The Enchanted Feast's price-per-minute is much better than a lot of similar releases. There are no extras on the DVD, but the enchanted hand mirror is better than most toys included in DVDs.

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