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Limited Releases are Strange

August 22nd, 2014

Love is Strange poster

It's a short list this week with only a handful of films. Fortunately, there are two films opening in limited release that are earning strong buzz and great reviews: Love is Strange and The One I Love. Both should find audiences in theaters. Another film, To Be Takei, is also earning great reviews and could do better than most documentaries.

Another Me - Reviews
Sophie Turner stars as Fay, a normal teenager who begins to believe she is being stalked by an evil doppelganger. There are no reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and no official site. It sounds like the studio is dumping the film. Another Me opens tonight in select theaters.

Are You Here - Reviews
Written and directed by Matthew Weiner, who has written and directed a number episodes of Mad Men. This explains why he was able to attract such an amazing cast for his feature-length directorial debut. It doesn't explain why the reviews are so, so bad. 6% positive would be horrible for mindless action films. It will almost definitely prove fatal here. Are You Here opens tonight in select theaters, as well as in Video on Demand.

Love is Strange - Reviews
John Lithgow and Alfred Molina star as a long-term gay couple who finally get to be married when New York legalizes same sex marriage. However, as a result, one of them is fired from their job at a Catholic School and they lose their home because they can no longer afford it. Now they have to live apart for the first time in years while they look for an affordable place to live. This film is earning strong buzz and the best reviews of the week. Love is Strange opens tonight in five theaters and should do well enough to expand significantly.

The One I Love - Reviews
Elisabeth Moss and Mark Duplass star as a married couple who are experiencing difficulties in their marriage. Their therapist, Ted Danson, suggests a retreat. However, when they get there, they learn the guest house is able to create an idealized version of the other person. This will either fix their marriage or destroy it. The One I Love opens tonight in nine theaters in select cities nationwide.

The Prince - Reviews
This film has a cast that most limited releases would kill for, but there are no reviews and it is opening in Video on Demand, so its theatrical run will likely be an afterthought.

To Be Takei - Reviews
A documentary about George Takei, who has evolved beyond an actor and into an internet phenomenon. The reviews are excellent and there might be enough populous appeal for the film to escape the art house circuit. Or, more likely, it will thrive in Video on Demand more than it will in theaters. To Be Takei opens tonight in two dozen theaters, as well as Video on Demand. Check out the official site for more details.


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