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Featured TV on DVD Review: Bubble Guppies: On the Job

February 2nd, 2013

Bubble Guppies: On the Job - Buy from Amazon

I previously reviewed Bubble Guppies and liked it a lot more than I like most preschool shows. What episodes are featured in On the Job? And how is the overall value?

The Show

  1. Fishketball!
    After watching some of the fishes play with a bubble, Gil wants to plays sports. Eventually, the gang invents a new sport, Fishketball!
  2. Build Me a Building
    Goby visits a construction site and gets a hardhat as a souvenir. The rest of the class want to build something and they decide to make a dog house for Bubble Puppy.
  3. The Grumpfish Special
    Deema and Oona watch some crabs making pancakes for their restaurants. They want to start a restaurant of their own, but when the Grumpfish comes by, the grumpiest fish ever, will they make him happy?
  4. Call a Clambulance!
    Oona sees a little fish get into a minor bike accident. When the mother calls the Clambulance (a clear sign of Hypochondria by Proxy.) The class decides they want to be doctors.
  5. Firefighter Gil to the Rescue!
    Bubble Puppy chases a squirrel up a tree and gets stuck. Gil climbs up to get him down, but becomes stuck as well. After the fire department rescues both of them, Gil decides he wants to be a firefighter.
  6. A Tooth on the Looth
    Deema has a loose tooth and shows the dentist to ask why. He tells her it's a baby tooth and after it falls out, an adult tooth will grow in its place.

The Extras

There are no extras on the DVD.

The Verdict

While there are no extras on Bubble Guppies: On the Job, there are six episodes for just $14, which is a better price-per-minute than most DVDs aimed at preschoolers have. If your kids like the show, it is certainly worth picking up. If they haven't seen it, it is fun and the music is catchy.

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