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DVD Sales: New Year, Old Releases

February 5th, 2013

This week is a little confusing on the home market, as there are two weeks of new releases to deal with. (Because Christmas landed on a Tuesday, new releases were spread throughout the week, including some the following Monday.) One of the old new releases topped the DVD sales chart, as Looper sold 553,000 units and generated $9.71 million during its first full week on the home market. This is better than I was expecting. Pitch Perfect rose to second place with 334,000 units / $6.67 million for the week for totals of 1.77 million / $32.88 million after three weeks of release. Ted fell to third place but is still doing great with 314,000 units / $6.27 million for the week and 3.74 million / $63.95 million after four. The Dark Knight Rises sold an additional 219,000 units / $3.12 million over the week. After just over a month on the home market, it has sold a total of 4.63 million units and generated $58.68 million. Ice Age: Continental Drift slipped to fifth place with 210,000 units / $4.18 million over the week, for totals of 1.70 million units / $28.70 million after four.

The only other new release to chart was Justified: Season Three, which opened in seventh place with 137,000 units / $4.10 million.

Brave fell out of the top five, and the top ten, but it did reach $100 million in total DVD sales, which is a figure worth noting.


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