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Weekend Estimates: Identity Thief Makes Sneak Assault at the Box Office

February 10th, 2013

Universal has a winner on its hands this weekend, as Identity Thief is set to make a very impressive $36.5 million or so, according to their Sunday tracking, and that in spite of the big storm in the Northeast (reportedly causing a 10% at the box office) and mediocre reviews. The performance is perhaps helped by the surfeit of Oscar-hopefuls and action movies in theaters recently, and is clearly also a feather in the cap for stars Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy. The weekend's other opener, Side Effects is set for a more modest $10 million, which isn't exactly DOA, but is at best on life support. Perhaps good word of mouth will help it hang on in theaters for a while.

The other "new" release this weekend is the IMAX 3D re-release of Top Gun. It will earn about $1.9 million from 300 theaters for a lifetime total of $170.4 million.

Among returning films, Argo's surprising Oscar momentum is translating into ever-better box office results, with the drama re-entering the top 10 this weekend. It will post $2.5 million, up 23% from last weekend. Silver Linings Playbook is strong again, recording a mere 11% decline from last weekend and closing in on $100 million.

We don't have much data on limited releases yet, but Lore should open with a very decent $31,000 from six theaters for Music Box.

- Weekend Estimates

Bruce Nash

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