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Featured TV on DVD Review: The Garfield Show: Spring Fun Collection

February 19th, 2013

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The Garfield comic strip was first published 35 years ago and since then has broken records and is the most widely syndicated comic strip of all time. It has also been turned into countless specials, a couple live action movies, and a couple TV shows. The Garfield Show first aired in 2008 and is still on the air today. This week, a DVD with six shorts, Spring Fun Collection, comes out. What episodes are on the DVD and is it worth checking out for fans of the comic?

The Show

  1. The Big Sneeze
    Jon begins sneezing all of the time when he's around Garfield. At first he thinks it is an allergy, which can develop later in life. However, when he goes to the doctor, he learns it might be suppressed anger that is causing the sneezing attacks.
  2. Farm Fresh Feline
    Jon, Garfield, and Odie are spending a weekend at Jon's brother's farm. When they get there, Dr. Wipple, who was hired to hypnotize the cows into producing sweeter milk, hypnotizes Garfield into doing chores.
  3. The Bluebird of Happiness
    One of the Bluebirds Garfield hatched in season one returns, but a neighborhood cat, Harry, tries to eat it. Garfield rescues it, but Harry is determined to get it back.
  4. Stealing Home
    While Garfield lives a pampered life, Bruno, an alley cat, grows jealous. While Jon is away on an overnight trip, Bruno throws out Garfield and Odie and moves into the house. Now they have to get it back before Jon gets back.
  5. The Mole Express
    Animal control agents are catching all of the stray cats and dogs in the neighborhood. Meanwhile, a mole is building a super tunnel under Jon's backyard, which causes a big sinkhole and threatens the squirrels' home.
  6. Parrot Blues
    Jon has to pet sit his editor's Parrot, Paxton. Being a parrot, Paxton can talk. Being the pet of an editor, all he can say are negative things.

The Extras

There are five Garfield Shorts, which are each about 1 minute long.

The Verdict

Garfield and Friends was so much better than this show is. The Garfield Show debuted in 2008, but the animation looks at least a decade old. The writing is also far weaker here and there are far fewer quality gags. Perhaps it was aiming for a younger demographic, but even so, I can't recommend Spring Fun Collection. It's just too bad the Garfield and Friends' DVDs are out of print.

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