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Featured DVD Review: The Bouquet

February 23rd, 2013

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The Bouquet is a Canadian film that has the Dove Foundation seal of approval, which certainly sets up some expectations. It is certified Family Approved, but this usually comes at a cost of any edge. Perhaps this film will rise above expectations. Or perhaps its appeal will be limited to families looking for light entertainment.

The Movie

We are first introduced to Terri Benton, a successful businesswoman, when her mother, Bonnie, calls her. Bonnie tries to invite Terri for an Easter dinner with the family, but Terri's too busy to even talk to her. We then hear her father, Cecil, talking to the Reverend John. The Reverend is trying to talk him into selling the flower business, which is failing. Cecil doesn't want to sell, because when he had his stroke, it was the flower business that got Bonnie through the tough times. Bonnie, unaware of these troubles, continues to try and get her family home for Easter, calling Mandy (Alberta Mayne), her other daughter. Unfortunately, Mandy is volunteering for one of her environmental causes and won't be able to make it, although it is clear her mother doesn't respect her volunteer work as much as Terri's job. That bit of sibling rivalry changes when Terri loses her job in part of a company-wide downsizing. (This is a bit of bad news she keeps away from her mother.) As she struggles to find new work, she house sits for a friend. Since she's alone on Easter, she decides to call her mother, but while they are talking Cecil suffers a massive heart attack.

Terri returns home for the funeral, but arrives late because she had to take the bus and hasn't told anyone she was fired yet. After hearing how the family flower shop was failing, Terri is determined to use her business skills to get it going again. Mandy is less enthusiastic, for a number of reasons. Top on this list is her relationship with her sister. Mandy is convinced Terri will leave the second the office calls, not knowing Terri is in-between jobs. Also, Mandy's not at all interested in working under Terri, as Terri is known for being bossy. They decide to work together, and they do have help with Sam, who had been working with Cecil and Bonnie for a while, ever since Cecil's stroke. Terri thinks she recognizing him right away, but can't place his face.

Will the two sisters be able to work together long enough to get the business back on its feet? Will Terri find a job and have to abandon the flower shop, like Mandy feared she would? And what's up with Sam?

The Bouquet is a predictable movie. There's no way around that fact. The plot is exactly what you would expect from a family friendly film about a businesswoman returning from the big city to her small town roots. You know she's going to learn a lesson about what is really important and will given up a big city job for a small town life. I would love to see more movies that praise the big city. It was also a very safe movie. It feels like the filmmakers went in with the goal not to offend anyone. That said, the film is better than I was expecting. The acting is certainly better than most low budget dramas. The pacing was good, for the most part. There were perhaps one too many montages that dragged things down, but it is still good enough to be worth checking out.

The Extras

There is a nine-minute long making of featurette.

The Verdict

If you are interested in a family friendly film, then The Bouquet is worth checking out. There are not a lot of extras on the DVD, so perhaps renting it from Video on Demand is the better choice.

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