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DVD Sales: January 13th, 2013: Chart Filled with Dredd

March 2nd, 2013

There were seven new releases to reach the top 30 on this week's DVD Sales Chart, including four releases that reached the top five. Leading the way, at least in terms of units, was Dredd, which sold 320,000 units, while it generated $4.80 million. This is weak compared to its reviews, but great compared to its box office numbers. Frankenweenie was second in terms of units with 305,000 units, but first in terms of revenue at $6.06 million. Like the previous film, it deserved better, but it did struggle at the box office. Pitch Perfect was the only holdover in the top five earning third place for the week with 208,000 units / $4.15 million. After nearly a month of release, the film has sold 1.97 million units and generated $37.02 million. House at the End of the Street opened in fourth place with 204,000 units / $3.47 million. It is hard to describe this number as anything more than "Okay". Seal Team Six: The Raid of Osama Bin Laden earned fifth place with 194,000 units / $1.94 million. I wonder how many thought they were buying Zero Dark Thirty.

Stolen did not do well in limited release, but it did earn eighth place with 133,000 units / $1.73 million. Hit and Run bombed with just 60,000 units / $1.02 million, which was only enough for 18th place. Archer: Season Three opened in 21st place with 56,000 units / $1.01 million. This is great for a cable show. Fans of the show should be extra happy, because season four is earning the best reviews in the show's run thus far, so much so that it has already been renewed for a fifth season.


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