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Featured TV on DVD Review: Power Rangers: Clash of the Red Ranger

March 20th, 2013

Power Rangers: Clash of the Red Ranger - Buy from Amazon or Video on Demand

The latest incarnation of the Power Rangers, Super Samurai, had a special two-part episode that included a crossover with RPM, which is still my favorite version of the long-running franchise. Do the two versions add up to something better? Or will it just make me wish RPM was still going on instead of Super Samurai?

The Show

We begin in the RPM universe with the Red Ranger in a duel with Professor Cog. After reminding Red Ranger not to cheat, Professor Cog cheats and manages to escape into a new dimension with some of his grinders. He has a plan to work with Master Xandred to take over two dimensions. Meanwhile, the Power Rangers of the Super Samurai dimension are busy fighting Sharkjaw, who has the power to destroy buildings in one shot, and he doesn't need to grow big first. When Professor Cog sees the fight, he's a little surprised there are Power Rangers in this dimension as well. However, he's more concerned with finding a way to the Sanzu River, as he has a plan. Meanwhile, Master Xandred also has a plan. General Gut is to lead an army of Moogers in a frontal attack on the Earth. Professor Cog makes Master Xandred a deal, he will destroy the Power Rangers of this dimension in exchange for some water from the Sanzu River, which he will use to poison the humans of his dimension.

The Power Rangers decide to celebrate their victory over Sharkjaw (he ran away when he dried out). They can't even finish their ice cream when they are nearly hit by a car that had been dropped on them. They discover the Grinders Professor Cog left behind and begin to battle them. Unfortunately, Grinders are not like Moogers. They are armored and the Samurai swords they wield are no match for them. The situation is dire, but that's when the Red Ranger from the RPM universe, Scott, shows up. He's armed with a blaster and a sword designed to cut through Grinder armor and does just that. Not everyone is happy, as he does show off at least a little bit during the fight. The guys are even less happy when Mia and Emily are much more trusting and immediately want to take him home to Mentor Ji. Once there, he gives a brief explanation of who he is and why he's there, but not all of the Rangers trust him.

There's not a lot of time to contemplate this, as Professor Cog is implementing his plan. Master Xandred offers the assistance of Sargent Tread. When the attack begins, Professor Cog fires a hypno-bolt at both Scott and Jayden, which causes the two Red Rangers to begin to distrust each other and they weren't best friends before. Can the two Red Rangers overcome this and work together to defeat Professor Cog and Master Xandred?

I liked RPM and was hoping this two-part episode would include more of that world, including at least some cameos from the cast of that series, but that's not the case. Hell, they didn't even use the same actor for the Red Ranger. Disappointing is an understatement. Compared to other Super Samurai episodes, it's also a little weak. The crossover feels like a gimmick and there's not a lot of plot for 45 minutes. Calling it a movie is also false advertising.

The Extras

There are actual extras on the DVD. The first is a Mega Album Playlist Video, which is hard to explain, but pretty funny. (The Power Rangers are doing parodies of famous album covers.) There's several of the Train Life a Ranger videos, which are too short to be substantial. There are also two minutes of outtakes. Finally, and most substantially, there are auditions for the cast.

The Verdict

Power Rangers: Clash of the Red Ranger is too short to be a movie and while there are more extras on this DVD than most, the price-per-minute still higher than the other DVDs. I would rent it Video on Demand and wait for the full season DVD.

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