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Home Market Numbers: Massive Update: May 5th, 2013

June 22nd, 2013

New releases for this week were a little bit stronger than last week earning the top three spots on the DVD sales chart and three of the top four spots on the Blu-ray sales chart. Unfortunately, those three releases were the only new releases to chart. Additionally, while they finished higher than last week's new releases, they didn't sell that much more. The Silver Linings Playbook opened in first place with 379,000 units / $6.36 million on DVD and on Blu-ray with 210,000 units / $4.82 million. This is weaker than I was hoping for. Its opening week Blu-ray share was 36%, which is great for a dramedy. Since then, the film has sold 727,000 units / $12.04 million on DVD and 375,000 units / $8.57 million on Blu-ray. The film made more than $100 million domestically and earned an Oscar, so I was hoping for much more. The Guilt Trip debuted in second place on DVD with 195,000 units / $3.32 million, but only fourth place in Blu-ray with 45,000 units / $964,000. Its opening week Blu-ray share was just 19%, but it was the wrong genre for high definition, so this isn't an unexpected result. Since its opening, the film has sold 347,000 units / $6.31 million on DVD and 83,000 units / $1.81 million on Blu-ray. Broken City opened in third place on DVD with 159,000 units / $2.37 million and second place on Blu-ray with 96,000 units / $2.16 million for an opening week Blu-ray share of 38%. That's not a bad opening Blu-ray share, but it is practically the only bit of good news for the film. In total, the film has sold 268,000 units / $4.24 million DVD and 158,000 units / $3.54 million after five weeks of release.

The overall market slipped to just 717,000 units / $17.38 million on Blu-ray. This is 8% lower than last week, but 46% higher than the same weekend last year. DVDs didn't fare as well with 1.68 million units / $28.71 million. This is down 17% from last week and 25% lower than last year. The overall Blu-ray share climbed a little bit to just under 30% in terms of units and 38% in terms of revenue.


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