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Blu-ray Sales: Last Remains on Top

June 23rd, 2013

There were very few new releases to chart this week, and only one of them managed a place in the top ten on the Blu-ray sales chart. The Last Stand remained in first place with 73,000 units / $1.82 million for the week and 183,000 units / $3.47 million after two. Dark Skies landed in second place with 59,000 units / $1.17 million for an opening week Blu-ray share of 30%. This is rather low, but everything with this film's financial numbers have been low. Parker slipped to third place with 47,000 units / $1.16 million over the week for totals of 118,000 units / $2.67 million after two. Star Trek rose to fourth place with 43,000 units / $2.20 million for the week and 3.87 million / $84.32 million after more than three years of release. True Blood: Season Five rounded out the top five with 41,000 units / $1.45 million for the week and now has sold 113,000 units / $3.96 million after two.

Cleopatra made its Blu-ray debut in 13th place with 28,000 units / $482,000. The Numbers Station opened in 21st place with 24,000 units / $334,000, giving it an opening week Blu-ray share of 26%. This is a weak number for the genre.


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