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Featured TV on DVD Review: Team Umizoomi: Animal Heroes

July 4th, 2013

Team Umizoomi: Animal Heroes - Buy from Amazon

The latest Team Umizoomi DVD release is Animal Heroes, which came out a few weeks ago, but the screener arrived a little late. So what episodes are found on the DVD? And is it worth the price?

The Show

  1. Purple Monkey Mission
    The gang goes to the Umi City Zoo and they get to see a new animal delivered to the zoo, a purple monkey. Unfortunately, the monkey falls off of the truck and it is up to Team Umizoomi to help the monkey get to his home in the zoo.
  2. Buster the Lost Dog
    The team is playing with Anna in the park. Anna has a dog, Buster, but while playing catch, the ball bounces away and lands in the back of a truck. Buster races off and gets the ball, but the truck drives away. Now the team have to figure out where he went.
  3. Cuckoo Bears
    Team Umizoomi are going to see their favorite band perform in concert. They can't wait to see the Cuckoo Bears play, but they have to wait till it is 12 o'clock. When a strong wind blows away the Cuckoo Bears' gears (the source of their power) the gang goes to find them.
  4. Animal School House!
    Farmer Dan calls Team Umizoomi because all of his animals escaped. The gang agrees to help get his animals back.

The Extras

There are no extras on the DVD.

The Verdict

Team Umizoomi: Animal Heroes is excactly what you would expect from this type of release. There are four episodes for $10, but no extras, which is a decent deal. The show is better than a lot of similar shows and kids should enjoy it.

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