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Weekend Estimates: 2 Guns Good, Smurfs Look Overseas

August 4th, 2013

2 Guns continues Universal's very good year this weekend with an opening the studio is projecting at $27.36 million, as of Sunday morning. That's not record-breaking by any means, but it's certainly solid for a late-Summer action movie. The Smurfs 2, meanwhile, is a major disappointment for Sony, who were hoping for much more than $18.2 million, given that the first film in the franchises earned $35.6 million on debut. This is a film that will earn far more overseas than it does domestically though, so the studio will be looking more closely at opening numbers from around the world, where the film is reportedly doing much better.

There's not much more to report on the top 10, but The Way Way Back is having a good weekend and looks likely to be down just 17% after adding 100 or so screen this weekend. It will stay in 11th place. Fruitvale Station will be down about 41% and drop to 12th, indicating that it will most likely not expand any further.

Two films in more limited release are set for spectacular weekends though. Appropriately enough, the first is called The Spectacular Now. It will earn about $200,000 from just four theaters for an average of $50,000. That's enough to suggest vigorous expansion over the next few weeks, although it'll have a hard job catching up with Blue Jasmine, which is set to earn $2 million this weekend from just 50 venues for a remarkable $40,000 average and $3 million after just two weekends. That puts it fractionally ahead of Midnight in Paris at the same stage of that film's roll-out.

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Bruce Nash

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