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Featured TV on DVD Review: Slugterra: Slug Power!

September 17th, 2013

Slugterra: Slug Power! - Buy from Amazon

This is the third time I've reviewed Slugterra. It one of a crowded genre of cartoons about dueling that is based on a real world toy. It focuses on a young hero whose father was involved in a dueling world, but who disappeared, so he's thrust into this world unprepared. His allies include a big but gentle guy, a girl, and comic relief. It's not unique in its setup. That said, can it rise above the competition? And will fans want to pick it up?

The Show

  1. Mecha Mutiny
    While trying to capture a super fast slug, a Zipper Slug, the gang tries to clear a gorge on their Mecha Beasts. Normally this would be a really bad idea, but Kord says he's upgraded them, so they should make it. Something goes wrong and they nearly plummet to their deaths. After failing to figure out what's wrong, the gang heads to the factory, where Kord knows the head engineer. However, when they get there. ... On a side note, I think this is the first time we see more Cave Trolls, and they don't have horns. Some of my friends and I were wondering if Kord had a horn, or if that was just part of his helmet.
  2. Undertow
    After the gang blows up one of Blakk's factories, they need to escape. Fortunately, Pronto leads them to the Flumes, a giant underwater river that flows under Slugterra. Unfortunately, while this allows them to get away from Blakk's men, they run into Malvolio Drake, a pirate.
  3. Mario Bravado
    Pronto is arrested and jailed for spitting gum on the sidewalks and he's sentenced to 50 years hard labor. Eli and the gang decide to bust Pronto out of jail, and all of the other prisoners who were jailed unjustly. It turns out to be more difficult than they thought it would be, as the trick shot needed is nearly impossible. Kord knows of only one person who can make that shot, Mario Bravado.
  4. The New Kid: Part 1 and Part 2
    While chasing one of Blakk's men, Eli and the Gang walk into an ambush. It looks dire, but they are rescued by a stranger, a man named Twist. At first, he seems like a great new ally, but with a name like Twist...

The Extras

Like the previous two DVD releases, this one has a short behind-the-scenes featurette and three short Slugisodes.

The Verdict

If you are a fan of Slugterra and bought the other two DVD releases, then you know exactly what to expect with Slug Power! There are five episodes and a little bit of extras on the DVD, which makes it good value for the money, for this type of release.

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