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Home Market Numbers: Home Market Really is Despicable

September 19th, 2013

As I mentioned last week, the new releases were terrible, so it is not a surprise that the overall home market numbers were so poor the week of July 7th. The best-selling new release on Blu-ray was An American Girl: Saige Paints the Sky, and it didn't even reach the top ten. Compared to the previous week, 16% fewer units were sold in total, 22% less revenue was generated, and the final figures were just 544,000 units / $12.08 million. Compared to last year, there were 20% fewer units sold, while the total revenue was 11% lower. The overall Blu-ray sunk even further to just 23% in terms of units and 31% in terms of revenue. Hopefully these numbers will bounce back once the summer blockbusters hit the home market. Unfortunately, TV on DVD releases will dominate for the next few weeks, so Blu-ray will suffer for a while.

DVD sales this week were more or less stable when compared to last week, up 3% in terms of units, but down 6% in terms of revenue. Compared to last year, DVD sales were down 16% in terms of units and 23% in terms of revenue. This is a really bad time of year on the home market, so things will bounce back soon.

The week of July 14th's new releases include a number of wide releases, most of which were box office bombs. Tyler Perry's Temptation was a midlevel hit, while Spring Breakers did well given its production budget. Fortunately, last year's new releases were just as bad with American Reunion being the only release of note. Maybe 2013 will end its losing streak, but I kind of doubt it.


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