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Introducing Our New Web Site Design

November 7th, 2013

We're pleased to reveal a new look for The Numbers today, and a lot of new features and functionality along with it. Today's initial roll-out introduces a new layout to the site, which includes a more modern and cleaner design, and much more compact presentation of data, particularly on the movie and people pages. From a functional standpoint, it includes the addition of Blu-ray sales totals and a box office trend chart to our movie pages, analysis of each of the 65,000+ people in the database, covering their best-known roles, the people they have worked most productively with, and the role they most often perform in making a movie. On the home market front, we have added weekly and annual combined packaged media sales charts to go with our traditional DVD and Blu-ray charts. We've also revamped our budgets and finances pages to give a more sophisticated analysis of the most profitable films, and the biggest money losers. And this is just the beginning...

Over the weeks and months to come, we'll be building on this base to introduce some exciting new features that will provide new insight into the way the industry works and into what's happening at the box office and in stores each week. More news on all that very shortly. Suffice it to say that we'll be taking the insight and analysis on the site to a whole new level.

As you might expect, the dust is still settling on the transition, so our apologies for any broken links or missing features -- we'll fix those as soon as possible. Moving a site with over 200,000 pages takes some doing, and there are a few old features that still have to make the jump: The Crunch blog, reader movie ratings, the most anticipated upcoming releases, the theater count chart, international records, and the home video market archive. They will be reappearing very soon, with their own set of improvements.

For now, please take a look around the new site, and, as ever, we appreciate your feedback.

Bruce Nash,